Morning all:

From Naples, Florida. Our little hotel room is literally twenty feet from the beach and the weather is stunningly perfect. We are all here for the wedding of Heather and Gene later today. In the meantime I am posting by the light of my laptop screen so as not to wake Marcia. The most troublesome is the fact that there is no in-room coffee. This will be a short post so that I can dive out the door, get some coffee and then enjoy a long early morning beach walk. Apologies for not changing the pictures but connecting at 26K it is too much of a chore.

By now many of you will be enjoying the background sound of the Delta Queen paddle wheeler calliope on your computers. You’ll also note that there is a link to the details of our newly organized Tall Stacks family get-together next year—the two go together. As updates warrant the contents there will change and those who are attending will be kept informed here. And most importantly, in a week or so I’ll get rid of the nagging calliope sounds.

Some things are so trans-generational; for example, the sounds of Paul Simon. Yesterday you should have heard two-and-a-half year old Derek sing (over and over again) a little refrain that went something like; “momma don’t take my Kodachrome away.” It didn’t take long for all of us to join in. This along with a DVD of the movie Robots made the four hour drive from Orlando a breeze.

We only arrived mid afternoon yesterday. Already the family reunions have been wonderful. Family visiting from as far away as California and Amsterdam quickly caught up with the various goings-on. Last night it was a poolside rehearsal dinner serving Cuban foods honoring Gene’s heritage.

If time allows I’ll update later on this weekend. Now, I can’t stand it any longer—coffee here I come.

Make it a great week everyone.

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