From the. once again snowy, city, good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other”> — Jascha Heifetz

Well, another birthday flew by. The ancient age of 65 is now officially a spec in the rear-view mirror. Marcia wanted to know how I wanted to celebrate. My thinking is akin to something I read, that considering that the universe is 14 billion years old it seems quite silly to celebrate one year. Sorta like having a parade every time I head for the john. Maybe I should pour my morning coffee and launch a bit more of a positive outlook.

Well, my outlook hasn’t improved. Yesterday I my mail got a piece of malware. I spent way too long using cleanup routines. Now this morning my Word is not operating and I have spent the last hour ‘dinking’ around trying to get it to run appropriately. It’s still not working correctly!

Overnight we received another inch or two of snow. Yesterday, while walking, I spotted a city Beet Juice tanker truck spraying the stuff on our streets. I was near home so did not get the full effect. Prior to the last snowfall I was walking and for my full two miles it smelled as if I were walking in a barnyard–yup, it was the Beet Juice. The city claims it’s more effective than salt under certain conditions. Since it seems to keep people off the streets I guess it is effective.

Marcia has been observing that over recent months former President Clinton’s nose has gotten larger and redder. I believe it’s a bit of an obsession with her. Even as I was still celebrating my birthday similar comments started being made about my nose. I had been walking a couple of miles in blustery weather, but she felt that was not the cause. It was too cold in the house? “No.” It was too hot in the house? “No.” The cat did it during the night? “No.” The sun reflecting off the snow did it? “No.” Finally I advised her that the adult ears and nose keep growing while the rest of the face stays the same thus stretching the skin, making it thinner. “No.” Now she wants me to make an appointment with the Doctor’s office.

I agreed to do just that — next October. Well after the cabin is closed.

Whew! Maybe this will all be blown over by then.

At noon today our whole gang will be over for an afternoon playtime and Pizza. Jeanne is in town from CA and will be here along with Niece Lori and her kids. I guess that we missed having the hustle and bustle from Derek and Kellen in the house a couple of weekends ago.

Now, back to searching out what’s going on with Word. Reboot! Make it a great week everyone.



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