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Weekly Wisdom, from deep within the depths of the city:

“A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes 19 or 20 mistakes she’s a tramp.” — our local everywoman, a fast-paced urbanista we’ll name Henrietta Rose

A quick NO COMMENT on my part!

Now better drink my morning coffee before Marcia gets up and whacks me on the side of the head for quoting “Henrietta Rose”.

This and that – This week I got my weekly email from Ticketmaster regarding upcoming acts to the area. I noted that Sarah McLachlan is scheduled to appear; tickets started at $74.95. Late August at Auld Kirk in Thessalon we saw Sean Ashby, McLachlan’s guitarist and bandleader for eight years, for $10.00. Sean underpriced himself.

These days I am sporting the one-week-old facial hair look. Marcia just informed me that she is going to stop going places with me “‘cause I look homeless” (not far from the truth with Social Security not increasing). I informed her that even types like George Clooney feature the same look. I was quickly told that I am no George Clooney. Duh, I absolutely know that. Clooney is not svelte like me. However, he is from this area and maybe it’s a regional thing. I am taking votes.

Paul and Dia are up in the North Woods at their cabin. This stay is to enjoy the northern autumn and the color, and for Paul and his buddy Bob to get in a little hunting. Making a long story short, Paul bagged a Black Bear. I sent some of the photos around. What is interesting is the gamut the responses run. I have received replies ranging from “spectacular” to “sad” and “gross”. I guess that hunting does bring out a range of emotions especially since our urban existence removes us more and more from seeing it as a means of ‘providing” to one of “entertainment”. Then, urban existence hides and removes us from a lot of things and exposes us to a lot we don’t want exposure to doesn’t it?

Last weekend’s Fish Fry at our neighbor’s home was wonderful. The weather was spectacular and this is no better event for meeting new people since more than half are not from our neighborhood. Milton is a retired provost from the University and he and a friend go fishing weekly. The catch is dutifully cleaned, frozen, and made ready for the annual fish fry. Betty stays busy organizing.

Earlier in the week Marcia and I did some shopping. It was lunchtime and we passed a White Castle “restaurant”. “How long has it been since you’ve eaten one of those little sliders” I asked. We agreed that it had been years. We passed another White Castle. Leaving Lowes and heading for home Marcia blurted “you want to do it?” She even knew a short-cut to the next White Castle. Before we knew it we were back on our deck devouring a sack full of sliders and a large onion chips. It’ll be five more years before I get my next craving.

Meaningful conversation – Conversations take place all the time. Between long married couples, based on years of communication, even a slight grunt can convey a story. With the grand-kids there is a constant array of chit-chat, but much of the time it comes when ‘adult’ conversation is taking place and this is listened to with half an ear.

This week it was different. I was on the phone with Adrianne when she informed me that Vaioleti wanted to talk. Vai is now 26 months old:
Me; “Hi Vai”
Vai; “Opaaaaa”
Me; “I hear that you and mommy read a story about the sea and fishes”
Vai; “yes”
Me; “and that you learned about seahorses and octopuses, and seals”
Vai; “yes”
Me; “can you say Octopus?”
Vai; “ok – toh – pus”
Me; “hurraaaay – you did it!!!”
Vai; much laughter and talking to her mom, “Opa said hurray I did it!”
Me; “OK Vai I’ve got to go, blow me a kiss” and I smacked one over the phone.
Vai; giggled with delight
Does any conversation get more meaningful that this conversation did?

Animal Planet – In the backyard is a wonderful birdhouse I received as a gift from a restaurant owner in Vermont. It was in disrepair and became a great winter restoration project. For two and a half years it’s been a wonderful addition to our backyard—at least Marcia and I like to think so. The birds just viewed it as an obstacle getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Until this year that is. I happened to look out my newly removed/glazed/painted/cleaned/reinstalled office window and there they were. Six or so sparrows were cavorting in, on, and over the little house. I could see them pop into one hole and back out another. While one would sit on a rail another would run over the roof. The work put into this thing is now totally worth it!

Talking about houses, our neighbors at the cabin were up at their place and informed us that there was a lot of bat activity around our bat house. This would be a first in the two years we’ve had the thing up. I hope they remember when they return from their winter habitat.

They were up to close up their place and to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. We had an invite to join them for dinner, however a twelve hour drive stood in the way—thanks for the invite guys. Bulent (aka ‘Sparky’) wanted us to see what we were missing and also see that our place was surviving nicely without our tender care. Enjoy his short video clip.

Closing – Wonderful news Marlena, you are one amazing young lady. Just two more months and no more treatments; I bet you just can’t wait to put all of it behind you and be able to focus all your energy on little Peyton. We love you.

This week important birthdays were celebrated by Paul and “the Woo”. But then, every birthday is an important one.

Make it a great week everyone. I need to get ready to watch a little kids’ soccer—Go Rockets!



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