Happy Saturday morning all:

A final quote from us in the north woods and Northern Comfort:

“Hey mom! Are they in there?” ~ five year old Vaioleti asking that question from her car seat

I guess that it’s way past due packing it in and heading home when your granddaughter yells out those thoughts as she drove by our house.

Tonight its Anniversary dinner at Brownlee Lake; this should be great. But, right now it’s a hot coffee and a few moments of staring across the cove.

Tasks completed – This year we were totally organized. Little by little the “heavy lifting” work was done. Boats were pulled and secured. Motors have been winterized and the dock has been lifted. Marcia has all the food and items organized. Tomorrow we’ll pack the truck and pull the water line. Then, Monday morning we’ll be south bound.Picture 016

In the meantime we’ve had some great times. Last evening it was a roaring campfire. Earlier this week it was a three hour lake cruise on the pontoon where we enjoyed lunch and some great desert. We also managed to go for a 16 mile quad ride up the power line. Lots of Moose tracks and droppings were seen as we eventually made it to the Little White River. What a glorious way to finish up the season.

A Major Week – You probably are thinking something like; “here he goes again, some political rant.” Wrong! I was referring to our 43’d anniversary.

However, since you’re now thinking bigger thoughts there was a milestone that team Hope and Change watched slide by and one that slid by without any hoopla. On the 25th of September our nation completed spending every dollar and cent the government takes in during the year – all $2,750,000,000,000 of it – them are trillions folks. Look at it another way, from this point on to December 31st, every dollar and cent the government spends is on now borrowed money.

Ok, so everyone can run a little tight now and then, so no problem there, that’s why we have banks don’t we? What is unconscionable is the complete unwillingness to discuss or address any reigning in of our runaway spending – primarily dealing with the two runaway horses; Medicaid and Medicare.

In fact, we’re about to let a new horse out of the stable, the Affordable Healthcare Act. This entitlement program, through a wide array of hidden taxes, premiums, and work ‘adjustments,’ will be the largest single tax increase ever. And, if the past holds true, it will do little but further slow down the hope of a quick economic recovery. For the government that only means more spending and less income. For you and me, it’s more taxes and a lower standard of living. Why is all this happening? It’s the current administration’s turning away from the manner previous administrations saw the operation of the nation’s economy/.

Keynesian economic principles promote central planning and are the philosophical guide used by the administrative team currently in place. Past centrist and right leaning administrations have regularly applied the economic viewpoints promoted by the late economist, Dr. Hayek. Hayek wrote “The Road to Serfdom” in 1944 as a warning that central economic planning would extinguish freedom. The difference between the two economic viewpoints is polar.

For a great (a bit highbrow but enjoyable) British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC4) sponsored debate held at the London School of Economics – click here  (it’s just over ½ hour long). Listening to this will get you past all the media hype and the political hyperbole, and give some understanding of what’s really driving our current direction. You’ll gain a sense of the why we’re just not speeding onto a road of economic recovery.

In a large sense we’ve climbed into the same economic boat as France. Realize that if we continue down the “Road to Serfdom”, our destination will be a poorer society, continued high unemployment, ongoing economic stagnation and eventually an overall public complacency.

Animal planet – Juvenile Loons are quietly paddling on the lake, the mature ones have left.

Every so often we’ll hear a wolf howling and Thursday Marlene and I on our walk spotted wolf tracks on the side of the road.

The color is at its peak. I was driving on the highway and felt like some small animal wandering through a flower garden – with the trees representing the flowers.

Shortly Donn and I will join in on a vintage car tour. The little Deux Chevaux is staying home and so I’ll be the navigating his Mini S. The tour will offer more color, more color, more color.

Fini – The last post from Northern Comfort of 2013. We’re leaving Monday morning – two reasons; first, we want to head on home. Secondly, we want to cross the border before October 1 in case the government shuts down and possible resultant crossing delays. ?

Make it a great week everyone.

From the Archives
Saturday, September 24, 2005
Morning all:

Autumn is here and it is in the air. All week the morning fogs have been a mainstay on the morning commute. Why, even this morning I had to park the coffee so that I could carry a flashlight while retrieving the morning paper.

While writing the Gulf Coast is receiving round two. I heard someone describe mother nature’s parenting efforts with New Orleans – “first wash, then rinse, then wash again.” I am amazed, seeing the devastation occurring now with Hurricane Rita. Why these major cities are dealing with centuries old concepts of earthen dams when modern engineering technologies are readily available. The Delta Works in the Netherlands is an excellent example of such an engineering marvel. However, this is the time for taking care of people. It has been heartwarming to see the response. While rooting around my brother George’s company website there are a series of photos of his team hauling a load of power generators and fuel to families in Covington, LA. He tells me that they are making another similar run this weekend.

As the pictures on the left prove we did manage to be part of Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. The picture that I did not insert was Marcia dealing with her buy-once-a-year 1-pound cream puff. This year she waited till the very end of our visit before buying. All the way home it was carefully cradled on her lap. In the house I noticed that it took thirty seconds to spot the empty container was in the garbage. Is that called “inhaling” something?

Last night Marcia said that it was high time for a quick Fall dinner—soup and a BLT sandwich. What she didn’t mention is that she was making the sandwiches with tomatoes from Cathy and Jason’s yard. I don’t know the make and model, however these are large and in color are a very dark burgundy. In taste they are simply heavenly. What a treat! Makes me want to re-evaluate my personal relationship with gardens—not.

I really do enjoy my name – Dirk. But, it is one of those names that lends itself to a higher than usual number of schoolyard variations; the ones kids love to jeer. Oh go ahead, think of a few and practice a few—out loud that is. Sure you can, nice going!

Last week a package arrived from Pieter and Jeanne. They had just gotten back from Holland and enclosed a gift for me, actually several! These are Dirk-Bags. “Dirk-Bag” you ask? Since I have been called a worse variation I focussed only on the real value in these. Given that I really do not need all of them I am making an offer. For everyone (in the USA) who has stuck with reading this week’s rambling post to the bitter end I am offering, absolutely free, a Dirk-Bag. You’ll love this wonderfully versatile, roomy, sturdy, chic, and strong bright red bag; great for shopping, the beach, trip to the dog kennel, and long very bumpy airplane flights. To receive your very own Dirk-bag all you need to do is drop me a note and enclose your mailing address. Then just sit next to your mail box and wait—first come first served till they’re gone.

We received a short note that Adrianne had arrived safely in Nuku’alofa for meetings: since she flies an ancient 78 year old twin engine DC-3 on this 350 mile trip that is always good news. This week its Happy Anniversary to Marcia—is it 35? I’ll be on the road so celebration is next weekend—I still think we should have a nice dinner and then see Al Di Meola perform.

To everyone else, make it a great week.

9/24/2005 07:24:00 AM

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