Happy Saturday – this week we had our first visitors. Smiling and giggling (and carrying a big basket of gifts) they blew in. And, they had a great attitude regarding their travels, something such as:

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” Fitzhugh Mullan

What a lovely attitude. I best reflect on it a bit more – with a fresh mug of Java of course. That thought by Fitzhugh ranks right up there with George Carlin’s observation; “kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.”

It’s an annual? – As if planned, both of Marcia’s sisters (plus hubbies) arrived at the same time. Jeanne and David rolling in from the deep south, Marlene and Donn skidding in from the far north.

Marcia and I sat with our fingers crossed since the weather hypesters declared Armageddon was at hand. Actually, it was cold and we did get a half foot of snow. Crazy, that was just like last year when ‘numero-uno’ of this annual event took place. Even crazier was the fact that, although cold, we barely had any snow since last December. That is until this ‘dump’ (next week it’ll be in the mid-sixties, but that is the ‘Nati’ for you).

Aside from a really fun time of catching up was our dinner. The WG Kitchen & Bar did it right as this simple and light desert demonstrates.


Then, the next morning it was a “Throwback-Tuesday” as we all headed for our nearby breakfast joint – Sugar & Spice. Aside from stepping back to the mid-fifties, where else can you go to find a waitress who remembers you from a year ago? She even asked if my corned beef hash was OK since I didn’t finish my plate – last year. Huh, say what?


Same old – just a different location. It seems that every day this week Marcia and I hoof it over to the old house. There we’ve now embarked doing exactly what we did for months on end at the condo – paint, patch, scrub, and shovel snow. That last bit is something I thought would no longer be in my future. Yet, we do have to keep the place looking lived it and must keep up appearances now mustn’t we?

Slowly service folk are making arrangements to quote or begin their transformation efforts. Thirty years of living does take a toll, even to a house.

Visits – On the other hand, thirty years of living in a place also brings its perks – friendships. So tonight we’re going to enjoy a pot-luck with our old neighbors.

Even though our plumber did some more work yesterday on our condo’s bathroom we still cannot shower here. Soooooo, on our way to the pot-luck it’ll be a quick stop-over to the old place for a shower. Note to self; must remember to wrap my towel tightly before heading out a little further up the street – we’re friendly with our neighbors, but not that friendly.

Fini – Stay safe and be well, make it a great week. Safe travels Vince, will you be trying to run the Iditarod in reverse?



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