Have a great Saturday – Now that the kids have packed up and left Northern Comfort we’re back to paying more attention to world events. In that light, it’s time to dig up a quote from one of my most favorite world leaders:

“If you are not a liberal when you’re 20 you have no heart.
If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 40 you have no brain.”
~ Sir Winston Churchill

So, here I am ready to pour my first morning mug of coffee and then begin the Ramblings.

I think that many, many folk – me included – are sick and tired of both parties. Propping up a party with leadership with the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid has proven to be a total disaster for our nation. The same goes for the likes of a party happily promoting folk like Boehner and McConnell – the vanishing do-nothing twins. We’re witnessing and have watched a massive failure on almost every front. Failures that have dragged down our country; weakened it, indebted us horrifically, destroyed a middle class, lost control of the border, and created greater divisiveness than I’ve ever seen – to disastrous levels. And we haven’t even begun to see the full effects of Obama Care.

We really have no leadership – by either party.

Is it any wonder that people storm into halls to see and hear what outsiders such as Donald, Bernie, Dr. Carson, and Carly have to offer? They (we) are desperate for any sign that there is someone who’ll offer a way to move beyond all the failures of this past decade. They (we) are desperate to get clear of a power base ruled by lobbyists. They (we) are looking to re-establish the “shining light of the world” which Ronald Reagan so eloquently spoke of as he described his vision for our nation.

I need a colossal infusion of real hope, before I lose all hopefulness for change.

Hunting season has begun – and on day one my neighbor Bob-the-Forester bagged his Bear. He does not hunt for trophy, he hunts for food. After sitting in a tree for two hours in the dark he took down a two-year old male bear with a single shot.

As it was last year I ended up assisting in the cleanup. This year his friend George came to the rescue when it came to the butchering. DSCF2043Other than some fat, very little went to waste. Each cut was carefully wrapped, labeled, and dated, prior to be placed in the freezer. Marcia and I have a roast which we’ll probably roast sometime in September. In the meantime she’s exploring autumn appropriate recipes. It’s something to look forward to.

Is it really happening? – I believe so. Early next week we’ll be meeting with Todd. Todd owns a construction company and he’ll stop by to review a contract and detail the work he’ll do to our cabin.

The plan – now in the works for over a year – is to lift the cabin. “Lift the cabin” you say? Yup!

Currently the cabin sits on three large I-beams which in turn sit on a number of piers. The severe winters in these parts (last winter 3 continuous days of -42 degree temperatures) causes frost heave. Each spring as the frost leaves these piers move around – always up. With the weight of the cabin it’s never straight up, so it’s up and over on an angle.

This means that over time things get jittery and causes ‘little used’ things like windows and doors tend to jam. Floors also start to slope, and so forth. Not a good thing.

So, here is the plan: lift the whole cabin straight up, dig out the piers and soil, replace with river rock and a layer of sand, build a foundation wall, add lots of rebar, add a layer of walmonized lumber, and reset the place. Simple huh?

Once it starts Marcia and I will have to vacate for two weeks. Luckily we have an offer from Dia and Paul to ‘house-sit’ their place at the other end of the lake.

Animal Planet – The Hummingbirds have begun to congregate and fight for space at the feeders. They need to bulk up for their migration.DSCF0915

Likewise we’re watching the Loons. Parent birds can be seen showing their young how to dive and catch fish. We’ve seen them come up holding a 15” fish, juggle it so it’s now head first, and swallow hard. One single hard gulp and dinner is over.

But, what is more impressive is watching Loons work with their young to strengthen wings and pin feathers. They’ll begin to chase their young one and both will race along the water, legs flying and wings flapping – the whole sounding like a power boat. They’ll race like that for hundreds of yards at a time, turn around, and repeat the whole process. All this is critical since the young have one opportunity to get off the lake and get to open water – doing it on their own since they’ll leave well after their parents have left and as the lake begins to ice over.

PS. Another sign of the cooler weather was the Mouse Marcia spotted – in the cabin and not the Vole I saw running outside.

Fini – Marin, Dinah, Vai, and Vili are back in school. This week Derek and Kellen will also head back. For parents normalcy has finally returned.

A week ago Donn tore his hamstring. Now, just a week later he’s off the heavy duty meds and walking about – great news.

by our drive Fall 2014

by our drive Fall 2014

Early signs of Fall have begun to become evident – cooler weather, rains, winds, and slight turning of some of the trees has begun. Last evening Marcia and I studied the Sylvan Arts Tour brochure. Held on the 19th of September this 100km tour is at the height of color here in the Algoma region – that less than a month away folks.

Happy birthday wishes to Adrianne, Vai, and to Sandy – have a wonderful day.

Make it a great week and stay safe.



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