It’s Sunday morning. Coffee is on – so let’s get going; “going NOW” as Vai would say.

“This is the end, beautiful friend / This is the end, my only friend, the end / Of our elaborate plans, the end….” ~ The Doors; The End (1967)

Another summer. Another season. Another series of projects done and another batch unfinished (think me rebuilding a certain bird-house Marcia). The end is in sight and the packing has begun. Another farewell to Northern Comfort.

But also the reality of the experiences of a whole world of great memories; enough to last a long cold winter season (I hope).

Sylvan Circle Arts Tour Day – 100km loop, 12 possible stops each at the Community Hall DSCF1773 of a remote small rural village in Northern Ontario,  and approximately a hundred amazing artists. Marcia got a striking wall hanging made by Finish-Canadian ladies using recycled materials – “Hugs and Kisses”. Dia got a wooden sculpture made by a superb wood artist. All the ladies got bits of perfect folk art. Into the mix there was even a quick stop to snag some just picked veggies at the Farmers Market in Desberats. And so it went.


Even though this year the Fall Color decided to be a wee bit delayed (just a hint of color here and there) we traveled through the beautiful landscapes of this splendid region.

Finally it was a group dinner at the Red Top Inn restaurant. Dinner served up by two guys who openly pride themselves on their love of food.
And finally, there was that Harvest Moon in all of its glory. Large and orange it sent its beams rippling across our lake and straight into our cove. How good can it get?


Final ATV Trek – Actually, the ATV portion was the smallest piece of the adventure. Basically it was a quick six-mile run to a spot where even these machines were parked. It was the 2-hour hike which we than began which became the crux of the adventure.

No path to guide us, only Marlene’s trusty GPS. Over rocks, through the bush (both arms got battered). Past a cave (home to a Cougar a couple of years ago), climbed a crevasse here and there and, eventually, we reached the crest of a 400’ cliff. That crest handed us a stunning view of the rich farmlands of the nearby Kynoch Valley. One major disappointment though, judging by the Moose droppings we weren’t the first to take in the view.

DSCF3144        DSCF3150        Marlene 3507        Marlene 3511


Animal Planet – Now that, for the most part, the flowers have disappeared (along with the Hummingbirds) there is new color to be seen.

DSCF3130       DSCF3152

It also would appear that the birds have become more social. We’ve heard and seen a couple of large ‘V’ formations of southbound Canadian Geese and flocks of Sandhill Cranes. It was the solitary Great Blue Heron that flew by the edge of the dock which was the exception. The Loons however are still on the lake and can be heard ‘laughing’ with regularity.

Marlene and Donn have seen the same young Black Bear at the side of the road twice over (pictures to prove it). Marcia and I score a zero in that category.

Finis – This past week Adrianne and Tevita celebrated their Anniversary – Congratulations.

Vai’s soccer season has begun, proving that the rhythm of another school year is in full swing.

Vince is on his ‘accelerated’ chemo regimen. This past week it was his ‘good’ week and the posts and photos prove it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Vince as a new round begins tomorrow. As a reminder, here’s the link to his updates: Rally for Vince. Your prayers and thought are making a difference.

Sunday next weekend we will head home; and yes, we really are excited. I guess that even with all the complaints we do miss the corner of Chaos and Mayhem.



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