A great Saturday morning to you; Yesterday there were at least twenty Heroin overdose cases in our town. No clue as to how many of those were fatal.

I know that I have a coffee addiction; but believe that I am better off with my ‘monkey’ (obsession) than those addicts.

Oh so quickly winter disappeared, yesterday it was 76. That also meant that my Canada shopping list was pulled out of hibernation. So it was a trip to Cabela’s and the Home Depot – I actually had to hunt for a parking space at Home Depot.

” Our Canadian Tire money in the bedroom dresser drawer and the old Robertson screwdrivers all need to be organized” ~ Anonymous

Yes, Spring is here.

Planning – It’s also that time where planning for our summer days at the cabin has not only begun, but is picking up steam. This year, we’re anticipating having all of our kids and grandkids arrive around the same time.

So what to do?

Strategize, organize, formulize, and harmonize.

So, I thought it fun, as a bit of a side activity, to operate much like the British House of Commons. house-of-commons-5-9-09

Here is how it would work. Whenever someone has a ‘brilliant’ (very British term) idea, or says something ‘lovely’ (another British term), or powerful, then everyone in the room, much like the MPs in the House of Commons, mutters a series of “Hear, Hears”; thus acknowledging agreement to whatever was just said.

I think it ‘Brilliant’. Hear, Hear.

Hear, Hear – our down-the-street neighbor is Xavier University. Thursday, their Men’s NCAA Basketball team peaked at the right time; having squeaked into the March Madness playoffs as a number 11-seed. A day ago they swept past number 2 rated Arizona thereby advancing to the ‘Elite Eight’.

Living in a basketball crazy area (this year we had 6 nearby teams in the 2017 tournament – 2 from the ‘Nati itself) anything basketball related becomes a huge deal.

How big is HUGE?

Maybe seeing big-time comedian and actor Bill Murray give a nun a ‘noogie’ as the final buzzer went off. Now, that’s big. That’s Huge.

In light of full disclosure I should mention that Murray’s son is an assistant coach on Xavier’s team and his sister is a Sister.

“busy being fabulous” – (The Eagles Long Road out of Eden album) Aging  is what it’s all about. Aging does mean change – most not for the better. We all get a bit more ‘crinkly’, show some wear here and there, and basically realize that some of the ‘luster’ has faded.

Probably a little over forty years ago Marcia’s mom hand made me a heavy “loggers” shirt. It’s joined me from house to house and accompanied me on many a trip.

However, it too had begun to show its years and it’s luster too was disappearing quickly.

But, much like a baby’s first blanket I’ve had this long-standing attachment to that shirt.

Cathy to the rescue. She informed me that she knew a lady who did alterations. Hence, a few weeks ago I took my shirt to her. Seams were mended, lost buttons added, a lining replaced. The bottom line being that yesterday I picked up a shirt I barely recognized.

Thanks mom for that long ago gift. Thanks Cathy for steering me to Nvision in Northside and to Emily for your masterful work.

As an aside, Nvision is a small vintage clothes establishment in our ‘artsy’ part of town. And I discovered that when Bruno Mars last performed in the area he went on a shopping spree for‘70s duds for himself and has crew and finding about $500 worth at, you guessed it, Nvision.


Finis – My ‘event’ from last Monday (described better in last week’s Post) went amazingly well.

I think that we’re both finally over the time-shift of a while back – personally I struggle more with the small 1-hour shifts than a larger “jet-lag” event.

Soccer has begun and for Tevita his final Rugby season. And, I am told that Vince is back on his bike.

Make it a great week everyone.



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