Solid rain this evening, the first in weeks – absolutely perfect. Now i’m just hearing the leaves dripping on the metal roof and it’s kind of hypnotic. Especially so when sipping my morning coffee.

Years ago a favorite show of mine, Star Trek, had an episode, ‘Patterns of Force’. An outstanding Academy Professor, John Gill, disappears. The Enterprise’s team finds him, no longer the brilliant mind they remember, but a drugged-up shell being manipulated and kept hidden, on a distant planet; propped up now and then as a front for the nasties. The Mueller television theater this past week reminded me of that show:

“The other person merely mirrors back what we are projecting on them.” ~ David R. Hawkins–Star Trek author

Anyway, the rain has knocked down the jet-fuel smell as congress streaked on out immediately following the ‘day-of-theater’ on their 6-week hiatus. Seven months of chasing nothing but phantoms and leaving totally unfinished minor items such as the USMECA treaty, Border control issues, and drug pricing; but blasting through a budget bill loaded up with additional debt. I guess they all got orders from home that the clock had started on their Air-B&B beach houses.

Penny from Heaven? – Canada pulled their penny from circulation in 2012, so we rarely see one in these parts. However, embedded in the highway in front of the Kik’s and Schie’s is one lonely penny – impossible to find on some days and right there on others. It’s been years since Marlene first spotted it. Now it’s something to look for when we open the cabin after a long winter. And yes, every year its right where we last spotted it; having once again been subjected to feet of snow and sleet, rain and ice. Logging trucks, cars, and snowplows pouring salt all grinding on that highway and the penny day after day. Tar softens during summer heat and freezes solid when it gets 40-below, and yet that penny seems impervious to it all. Of all the Maple leaves in these parts, this is the favorite.

Birds – this week I could not help but focus on our bird populations. There is a Loon which, almost daily, hangs mid-cove paddling a bit and calling when it chooses. Walking on the road I watched a large Blue Heron fly over, tree top height, and then veer back to the lake – it looked like it came straight from a scene in Jurassic Park.

Wednesday, while at the dump, we spotted a juvenile Bald Eagle sitting on a nearby tree branch. Not far away was momma Bald Eagle keeping a watchful eye and calling occasionally.

Yesterday while walking I spotted a large pitch-black Raven sitting on a small post alongside the highway. Traffic was nonexistent so it sat and watched me. I was walking alongside the cable barricade supported by these posts, each maybe ten feet apart. I was four or possibly five posts from this spectacular bird when it stretched its massive wings and slowly lifted off; or was that it lifted off ‘leisurely’?

Not far away is a Turkey Vulture roost – I’ve counted seven. They’re curious animals, so when walking by they’ll angle and without flapping a wing just glide the currents overhead. Looking up you can see their heads turn to keep on checking out what exactly it is that is going on. Not much in the beauty department, yet magnificent at the same time.

Next to our screened in porch is a large Hemlock tree. This year a family of Nuthatches has discovered that the tree’s rough bark is the perfect place to nab an insect or two. They’ll climb right side up, upside down, or sideways – amazing acrobats. Their little ones, perfectly able to fly will still sit, vibrate their wings, and call for a parent to feed them. They must be Italian.

Canadian Goose head

Summer Theater – Vili and Vai attend the Cincinnati Recreation Commission’s summer program. Vai is in their Theater offering. Hesitant at first, loving it now. A couple of pictures of their production (the second one is of Vai performing her ‘death’ scene).

Finis – Likely that this week Marcia and I will take a day to set our feet on American soil. There is an awful lot of food stuff that is difficult to find in these northern parts sprinkled with a series of tiny burgs. Add to that the fact that this summer the government managed liquor board (LCBO) and the beer (The Beer Store) have implemented a new ordering and delivering system. The result being that in all the LCBO & Beer outlets the supply is dwindling – there is NO DELIVERY!

While on the business of alcohol. Since we normally buy most of our ‘stuff’ in Kentucky, here is a tip: the best way to test Moonshine is to take off the lid from the jar and light it on fire, look at the flame, and replace the lid.

  • If it is Blue – it’s true.
  • If it’s Green – it’s mean.
  • If it’s Red – it’ll kill you dead.

Assuming the wind dies down (it already has as has the rain) Marcia suggested that we take a Pontoon ‘paddle’ around the lake. I am all set.

Make it a magnificent week.
Muito obrigada (remembering my Brazilian travels)

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