Morning all, some people wondered what it was like upon our return to the corner of Chaos and Mayhem. Apparently in past years there was an abundance of both: Chaos and Mayhem. This year it was different and much calmer. In fact we were ‘eased’ into our new routine (from that which we experienced in the North Woods). Not to say it was total calm, just more of that which brings on a smile. Coffee in hand, let me get started; on the corner we spotted a person with an over-the-top desire to communicate with everyone. I think that to be even more creative he should’ve ordered a vanity license plate reading:

4U 2RD

Then there was the “Queen”. She was stopped by police for her participation in a Road Rage incident. The police pulled her over directly across from our balcony. Here Marcia watched as the Queen sat in her car and screamed at the officers – for TWENTY solid minutes she screamed. They then cuffed her and took her away in a new ‘carriage’, complete with driver and lights. The old ‘Queenly’ carriage stayed overnight by our curb – then it too disappeared.

Ah yes, we were home again.

“Just learned that the guy down the street is handing out full-sized candy bars to the young Trick or Treaters. This leaves me no choice but to now hand out Rotisserie Chickens” ~ anonymous;

Halloween – Even Halloween requires decision making and thought. That, plus trudging through dark windblown streets in near-freezing temperatures; all for the love. Really now, a few photos are all you need. Enjoy!

Honor Flight: Veteran heroes – 2005 is when two friends in the nearby town of Springfield, OH felt it necessary to honor the hero parents and veterans of World War II (we’re losing 640 per day) and organized a small group to visit the monuments in our capitol. This act has grown and organized. Grown to where now these Honor Flights take place nationally throughout the year and have begun to include veterans from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

Their all-paid for escorted trip to Washington via a charted American Airlines plane was to return at 9:30 last Tuesday evening. This was the final flight of 2019. So, I thought I’d welcome them ‘home’, and to our airport I went. Not realizing that others had a similar plan, I ended up being there with in a throng of at least 1,500 other folk. It was a party atmosphere. And when the 72 vets and their individual escorts, crew, and medics returned it was a time of pure happiness (judging by their faces, handshakes, and high-fives). Tears could be seen running down cheeks, even by some of us and the escorts. Balloons, flags, and signs were all over the place; little ones greeting returning grandparents, and for me, there were BAGPIPES! These vets got ‘honored’ big time, and it was a thrill to help welcome them home.


Where’s Waldo? – Thursday was a here, there, and everywhere type of day. I ran around with my list and Marcia hers. At some point we had to come together. She had the truck for a short grocery run. I then needed to pick-up a kid.

In the nick of time Marcia huffed in the front door. I expected the car-key, but instead (in my mind’s eye) I heard the words from Gilligan’s Island: “So this is the tale of our castaways, they’re here for a long, long time
They’ll have to make the best of things, and it’s an uphill climb”.

Turns out that Marcia had lost her keys and had walked home.

I walked to take care of my pick-up duty; she walked back to the truck with the spare key.

I came home with my charge; she not until much, much later – ‘sans’ truck (another whole story).

Meanwhile, Tevita had gotten home from out of town and upon hearing of what was transpiring set out with Vai in tow. And so the search began. I even received updates.

Without going into all the crazy details, in due course Marcia did return. The truck too came home. And Marcia (relished?) having a day of well over 10,000 steps – maybe even 15,000!

21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati A while back my nephew, Nick M, was in town and spent a few days at this place and raved about it. Now I discovered that I was able to tap into a docent guided tour of the place. So yesterday early evening I went and toured the place.

So what is the 21c? It’s the first multi-venue museum dedicated to the art of the 21st century in the nation and it has a hotel built within the museum. So cool!

The art is scattered all over the place, rooms, hallways, lobby, and dedicated display spaces. Quilts, oils, sculpture, wall-hangings, and interactive electronics – it blows you away. And its nothing to sneer at either, not just anything gathering dust in some back alley gallery. These are major works from the hottest of today’s artists, national and international.

Stay at the hotel and having a bit of trouble sleeping? No problemo; get up, smile at the front desk folk, and give yourself a tour – you’ll be by yourself, totally free to explore a full-fledged art museum!

Where else can you check in to a hotel and directly behind the desk hangs a 16-foot oil painting by Kehinde Wiley titled Morpheus. Who is Wiley you ask? Oh, he’s the same one who painted President Obama’s official painting, the one which will hang alongside the other 44 Presidents.



And even the first of a series of 9-foot tall ‘Soundsuit‘ sculptures created by artist Nick Cave:

Fini – I was informed that Marin has been properly signed up for Drivers-Ed classes – at almost $500! Certainly a far cry from my tentative driving beginnings sitting next to my dad, the only instructor I ever had – but he came for free.

Marin also has expanded his pool of friends. They’re growing up fast.

Condolences to Cathy with the loss of her grandfather. Declining health and aged 97 it was expected, nevertheless, not easy.

Vili took the English Reading portion of the State’s standardized test required for entry into grade 4. I asked him how he thought he did. “Great” was his proud reply. “I had 90 minutes and finished with thirty minutes to spare”.

Marcia had her first meeting as HOA-VP; the meeting lasted 4-minutes & 30-seconds. Well now, that went well!

Till next week (see you when we’re all back on standard time).

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