Well, well, it’s Saturday morning and I should be holding a contest. A contest blending St. Patty’s Day, with Women’s Day, a Lenten Friday Fish Fry, and all of that then coupled with waking up to an array of red lights dancing on the bedroom wall (lights were from some nearby pieces of emergency equipment). Now, turn all of that into a bit of a wonderful ‘cleverty’ for these Ramblings. Oh, and add some brewing coffee to the mix – the pot just signaled that my Java is ready. Actually, to top all of the above with a ‘cherry’, tonight our clocks jump forward.

In any case, I’d be pleased to receive your input on how to blend it all into a readable, cohesive, but fun package. I think I’ve found something that might just work since I am reading Mo Rocca’s latest book, ‘Mobituary’, and it does just that (thanks Adrianne).

Steve Martin thinks that; “Chaos in the midst of chaos isn’t funny, but chaos in the midst of order is”. So I’ll go with that.

”That was a heck of a college football game. I wish we could have made a couple of plays at the end, but they ended up making a couple of plays at the end and we didn’t. We had our shot in the last couple of minutes and we didn’t.” ~ Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State coach) on Bedlam Being Bedlam

Before worry sets in, I best enjoy my coffee first.

Spring is here – I know that for a fact. Not because it’s so noted on printed calendars, but because our local Dairy Queen has re-opened. That is what is making it official!

Bockfest – Last Saturday Cathy, Jason, and I somehow ended up at the 3-day long, 28th annual Bockfest; a festival celebrating Cincinnati’s brewing heritage. With its German beer brewing legacy it’s the largest Bockfest in the nation; Cincinnati is really a city built on Beer. And the Bockfest means that there is no better way to celebrate the start of springtime.

An opening parade, multiple music venues, a 5k run, a beard and sausage queen contest. So what did we do? We drank beer. Actually, it was the tasting of beer ‘flights’ that were of interest. No better way to discover all the small batch craft brews offered. All that while spending a little time listening to James “Chico” Converse, the fiddle-playing and French Cajun vocalist singing Louisiana Cajun music with his local band; Lagniappe. Have a listen. What fun!



A new trail – All winter I have pretty well managed to walk between 5 and 6 miles per day. I dislike treadmills so it’s all been outside. I have a series of routes; however, after a while you know exactly where the barking dog resides, where to duck down for a low-hanging branch, who bought the new Tesla, etc.

So, it was with a bit of excitement that I remembered that last summer a new stretch of a county-wide walking/running/riding trail opened. Early this week it was sunny and near 60 degrees when I walked past the Belvedere (an 11 story New York style condominium where my mother lived for a decade), walked past Xavier University, and onto the new trail – Wasson Way. It took me all the way to the Norwood/Hyde Park area.

I can hear it now, a collective groan with; “big hairy deal Dirk.” Actually it is a big deal. I means that in about 40-minutes I can get to Rookwood Plaza, home to the likes of Whole Foods and Nordstrom Rack. Now you see the importance?

Fini – Yesterday Tevita flew to Los Angeles to be at his Aunt’s funeral. Aunt Luisa Fotofili Tu’ipulotu, was Tevita’s dad’s sister. As the representative of that side of the family, Tongan tradition has certain specific roles for him to play out as part of the funeral rite. I know Tevita was close to his aunt and we all wish him strength and peace.

Tomorrow we’re all gathering with Jason and Cathy at their place to enjoy a brunch celebrating Dinah’s birthday. Welcome to ‘teen-hood’ Dinah.

Vili, in 3rd grade, had to make an oral presentation to his class. He chose to speak out about single use plastics. Anyway, he did so well that he was one of three third graders chosen to represent this group at next Friday’s school-wide presentations. Yes. Marcia and I will attend.

Monday Vai and the school’s other 6th graders will leave for a four-day jaunt to Washington, DC. She was quite insistent that Adrianne not come along as a chaperone, she wanted to ‘step’ out on her own. They do grow up don’t they?

Now, Marcia is stressing that we ready for a visit next weekend of brother Art and sis-in-law Jolene. Apparently I’m not the best at cleanup style duties so I think I’ll go manage the wine purchases. I did however get a preparatory haircut a couple of days ago.

And, yes, the corner adventure continues — quietly. The other day leaving there, at the stop sign, was a car, two women and two crusers with four officers. We just smiled and continued on our way. Life goes on.

Make it great week and stay safe!

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