It’s Saturday ‘lockdown’ day 100 (or thereabouts) and Marcia says that I’m now well into a full-blown “acting strange’ mode. I think not!
Tell me who wrote these lyrics?
I’m a Doctor, I’m a Lawyer, I’m a Movie Star.
I’m an Astronaut, and I own this bar…..

Answ: srehtorB ymalleB ehT

While you’re gathering your thoughts and the answer, let me take a few sips of my coffee.
“Acting strange”? Why, not at all!

” If masks work, why do businesses need to be closed?
If they don’t work, why are we forced to wear them?”
~ Ryan Fournier

We’re all in this together – but not quite. Pretty amazing, don’t you agree; the fact that it’s hard to find a radio or TV ad not using that phrase? The daily Corvid update grind is peppered with it. Newscasts has those folk using it hourly. But it’s simply not true. What is true is that for eons fancy language has been used to alert the masses that they need to subjugate themselves.

Yesterday, May 15, in the year 1252 Pope Innocent IV released a papal bull; Ad Extirpanda. The faithful were thus informed that it was OK to torture heretics (well, there were some limits set – couldn’t be all bad). But like the controls on our ‘lockdown’, rational details were woefully weak and a heresy-of-the-day easily slipped in place as desired. All this to show that the nonsensical abuse we’re experiencing today has been around for centuries.

Maybe today we don’t get a turn (pun) on the ‘rack’, but we do get tossed into jail. We can’t sit and get a hair cut, but just fine to stand in line in a liquor store. Can’t shop at Mabel’s Flowers, but head for Kroger or WalMart and grab a bunch. Look at the details and it’s absurd. Most, couched in language of “the science says”, without any science backing or medical facts. In fact, could a lot of it really reflect some political goal? As my Brazilian friends would say; “que exaustão mental, né”? (such mental exhaustion, correct?)

Tale of Two States – or ‘The Power of the Press’. Viewing Florida and its Governor, Ron DeSantis could be a model for proper handling of the current pandemic. Safety of Florida’s citizens became a primary concern; achieving safety while minimizing hardship. Much is already open and the number of ill and fatalities is lower than most States – and exceptionally so when one considers the large aging (the most affected) population. It’s what every State hopes its own administration would achieve. Yet, DeSantis has dropped in the polls.

In New York is Governor Andrew Cuomo, is a darling of a liberal media. The way he managed the results of the Covid-19 outbreak could not be handled worse. He had depleted and not resupplied the State’s stocks of PPE supplies required for a pandemic. As the extent of the Virus became evident he enjoined people to join in a city-wide parade. Covid-19 infected patients were ordered back into nursing homes. A city dependent on public transportation was ordered to reduce the number of subway cars. Need to go on? Yet, with the backing of a compliant Press, his popularity could scarcely be higher. The Media does have power and can manipulate; keep that in mind

I miss – Reuters and Toronto’s Globe and Mail both reported that the international border (U.S. and Canada) now won’t open till June 21st. One more delay and it’ll be hardly worth the effort to head up north, other than to check out how Northern Comfort fared last winter.

So, I am now sitting training by the hour watching YouTube. There are some things I want to accomplish this summer and therefore YouTube and I have become best friends. The parking brake on Our Duck (a weird under the hood disk-brake configuration) and possibly a carburetor kit installation. Also, a bit of plumbing, a bit of PEX water-line re-placement (most has been done). And, a power switch-over from the grid to my generator for any extended power outage.

Then Marcia talks about a new rear (driveway side) door. We’ll see, I do need to test the kayaks and the vintage little Johnson engine on the Sea Nymph. The lake calls me.

Out/In – dining has become something to look forward to. At a central location in the neighborhood one of the many Food Trucks is invited in. Pre order on line, specify a preferred pickup time and pay — then just pick-up. It couldn’t be easier. Last evening Marcia and I brought in some great pulled pork sandwiches, sides, and desert. Had it not been raining I would have tossed a blanket in the condo’s side yard for a picnic – that didn’t happen.

Fini – I thought many of my four readers would appreciate this 10-year list detailing the end of the world.

I happened to catch the commissioning of the new Space Force Flag in the Oval Office ceremony. The more I read about the future of 5G technology and domination path other countries have embarked on made me appreciate the importance of this new DOD member.

Also yesterday in 1928 a cartoon with the title “Plane Crazy” premiered. It introduced a new character; Mickey Mouse. Plane Crazy didn’t do well and Mickey did not achieve iconic status until the release of “Steamboat Willie” later the same year.

The corner of Chaos and Mayhem has been quiet. Having said that, this week we had three EMT runs nearby – all legitimate health related calls. The photo is from immediately across the street.

Marcia was totally delighted with her Mother’s Day. Of note was this container planting of Salad Greens and herbs from Jason and Cathy. With the cool spring the lettuce should do well.

Make it great week, stay safe and be healthy!

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