Brrrr it’s mid-May, almost Mother’s Day, and it’s Freezing. With that said I wish you no more than just this Saturday ‘lockdown’ day to get through.

” Holy Schneike Holy Schneike” ~ Mollie Hemmingway, Senior Editor at The Federalist

Her expression upon hearing that the bogus Department of Justice case against Three Star General Flynn was dropped earlier this week (the case had been unraveling for some time and when the senior Prosecutor, Van Grack, resigned – well, that was all she wrote).

And, also my expression upon hearing our erstwhile weather folk proclaim a case of solid frost this morning (something we hadn’t seen for decades this late in the season).

Tik-Tok – I’m done. The ‘lockdown’ has me around more than I want to be. And, every afternoon is comprised of a series of Covid-19 pronouncements by all of our nearby governors. These are akin to a series of High-school produced Tik-Tok events; each finds me listening to a death rattle taking place.

Once each governor get through the ‘counts’ the dissection takes place. This part is much like groping around an Asian Wet-Market; especially when they park their Medical Directors front and center and these folk get wound up – excitedly yet dignified.

At first I thought all this cute. Our Governor (R; ‘whiney DeWine’) sounds a little Christopher Walken sans glasses. Kentucky’s guy (D; ‘a beer with Beshear’) is more like a gruff Arnold Schwartzenegger with a bad accent. Now, I’m way past all of that.

What then follows is the team-tag minor league stuff as the City ‘fathers’ and the County big wigs climb on a similar media stage to drone on further on Covid-19. The County Commissioners are the ones I ‘respect’ most when during a discussion regarding the feasibility of getting a bridge loan one of them in all seriousness asked why such a loan needed to be signed on a bridge. Ah yes people, strange times indeed.

Woke – We here are so very woke! Just perchance I discovered that yesterday by mid-day a black market hair cutting salon had opened up in our bathroom. Shortly, Marcia emerged and looked stunning; with that newish style of short on the one side yet somewhat longer on the other. Being the shy person she is, she couched the ‘look’ by stating that; “if you don’t like it, hair does grow in.”

We also sit with anticipation on each day’s newly pronounced edict. Will it be one of “don’t worry, masks don’t stop the virus” as it was for a good while? Or, one of; “to gain entry to …(here fill in the blank)… you must wear a mask”?

I miss – the days when it was first proclaimed that to “depress the curve” we would have to “hunker down” for 15-days. That was a long time ago. Then, holy EMC2, time itself shifted as the goal posts kept getting moved about on a daily basis.

I miss, as Dennis Miller puts so nicely; “the good old days before sign language interpreters had acting coaches.” As some sage put it; “now they look like squirrels on crack”.

I wish I could; “remember the Asian flu pandemic of 1957-58, which caused an estimated 70,000 to 116,000 U.S. deaths. Remember how we closed down our economy then? Neither do I” ~ Brit Hume

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light of consciousness” ~ Elon Musk

Fini – Last Saturday Marcia and I enjoyed a stunning craft Burger along with a mint-cucumber Margarita (in a Ball-jar) for Marcia while I enjoyed a small-batch Amber ale Crowler. This was part of a neighborhood organized Food Truck event. Ordered on line, picked up down the block, and ate at home – dining Out/In.

Today celebrate the birthday (1921) of Sophia Magdalena Scholl. We tend to think of the German population during the German Nazi years as marching in lockstep to the warped Nazi ideals. However, there was quite an extensive undercurrent of anti-Nazi activists. Scholl and her brother, Hans, were leaders in the White Rose non-violent resistance group. She and her brother were caught and both put to death by guillotine in 1943. Sophie Scholl’s final statement: “it is such a splendid sunny day and I have to go….stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone.”

Some inkling of activity in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is openly contemplating opening the U.S. Canadian border on May 21st. Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford hints at reopening cottages on May 24th. This would mean that the opportunity to open up Northern Comfort sometime in early June might be reality.

The Ohio National Guard fired up their F-16 fighter jets and this week zigzagged around our sky passing over each of our 15 area hospitals as a way to acknowledge the work of the medical staffs of each. Marcia and I went outside and kept on hearing them. Finally, for a second or two through an open space between the trees across the street from us, spotted the low-flying aircraft zip by. It was fun being a kid for a few minutes.

It was like a roach infestation. See nothing, and then in a glance, there they were. All was marginal, but normal, across the street from us. Then, last weekend it swarmed. What looked like ‘druggies’ and ‘hookers’ came and went along with partying adults and playing kids. That lasted until Tuesday morning when a throng of Vice Squad and uniformed Police – 13 in all, made their ‘entrance’. The ‘roaches’ have disappeared, two ‘perps’ were picked up, drugs were seized, and a safe taken away. The next day, the lawn was trimmed and some little kids were playing with a beach ball. What a difference a day makes.

Did you know that the Hummingbird is the only creature that has legs but can’t walk on them? (Just me prepping for my summer hiatus with the birds while at the lake)

Make it great week, stay safe and be healthy!

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