A good Saturday morning to all. As erstwhile candidate Beto would say from atop a kitchen counter; “Hola, ¿cómo estás?” OK, that’s enough of that. Blatantly, I haven’t had any coffee yet.

I despise having to wear those horrid masks when going into stores. Unless you wear a specialized, fitted, medically certified one, they’re useless. The versions you see most commonly block larger than .3-microns; while even the largest Coronavirus diameter is 0.14 microns – people, 0.14 microns is smaller than 0.3 microns and thus will blow right through most masks.

So I’m advocating we start weaning ourselves off the silly things. I recommend that everyone, for the next couple of weeks, wear a veil. Wedding stores are probably hurting these days and will be happy to sell some.

Veils; this gets me to the area of weddings – how’s that for a super smooth segue!

“Our wedding was many years ago. We’re finally beginning to wonder when the celebrations are about to start.” ~ Anonymous

Wedding – Today is the wedding of Taryn Cody Pastoor & Alexander Scott Sun. Taryn is our niece. And this will be our first Covid mandated Zoom wedding. The happy couple will be socially distanced in the backyard of Art and Jolene with a handful of family present. Certainly a colossal difference over what was planned many, many months ago. Even so, were all wishing the happy couple the beginnings of a wonderful life together.

One of the many little social graces that have sprung up over the past few years is something called; “pass it forward”, AKA “Pay it Forward, or AKA “Random Acts of Kindness”.

Marcia and I grabbed hold of this little bit of social kindness, and since today is also our wedding day (50th) we’re passing the special meaning of September 26th on to Taryn and Alex. Take to heart the words of Helen Rowlan; “Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning a handspring, or eating with chopsticks: It looks easy until you try it.” Keep smiling!

Apples – Fall is here! Apple picking time is here! Last weekend the whole of the Pastoor clan drove out to one of the nearby Apple orchards and equipped with bags packed and ate to our heart’s content. Jonathan and Delicious seemed to the varieties we gathered.

The fresh air, the fresh fruit, the gathering of the clan, meant that the whole event was one of pure joy!

EmpowerU, Ohio is an entity I am connected with. It offers a ‘smorgasbord’ of classes on an amazing series of topics; many on topics minimally covered anywhere else – these days it’s all on Zoom. So, on Thursday, I enjoyed an hour and a half lecture/discussion on the life, writings, and person of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. Once loved by folk of all stripes, now, in today’s social-media ‘climate’, more controversial – all akin as it was during his lifetime.

He wrote the first cover of the Declaration of Independence. Amazingly, he wrote this when only 33-years of age. He hated being edited, yet had the ‘group-of-five’ work his material over. Then he sat back at times, and argued at other times, as the 1st US Congress fleshed it out further.

As the founder of the University of Virginia that institution became his pride and joy. He was so involved that on his deathbed he penned his “Resolution of the Board of Visitors”, basically laying out the principles for the school’s curriculum. He’d be shocked to see how the place is managed today – since he was shocked enough to write the document after seeing the campus during one of his last visits there.

Lunken Airport – and it’s SkyGalley restaurant was the destination for Marcia and I for lunch last Saturday. That restaurant has been around about as long as we’ve lived in town and it was closing. It was one of those nondescript style eateries which never really stood out, but you were always happy being there. You know the kind of place I’m talking about.

But what is Lunken Airport? Close by, it is our area’s general aviation facility. Brother George soloed there. For a month or two when it opened it was the worlds largest airport. It was home to the first government approved flight school in the US. And American Airlines was born at the place. And, years ago, as I was taking the kids on a bike ride around the property, we made it just in time to see President Ronald Reagan land there. Yup, Lunken has some serious history.

Covid-19 Update – Just so that you remember that close to half the Covid-19 deaths were residents in Long Term Care facilities. And that it’s these 5 governors who required that these facilities take in Covid-19 patients:
** Cuomo (NY)
** Whitmer (MI)
** Newsom (CA)
** Murphy (NJ)
** Wolf (PA)

Fini – Remember when we were told that our lockdown would last two weeks? Well, the original Border closing to Canada was to last one month. It has just been extended for the sixth time. The latest (and probably not final) edict being; “The Canadian-American border, which has been closed since March 21 in an attempt to curb the COVID-19 spread, has been extended through Oct. 21.” It’s “Woe, Canada” for those of us seeking travel north of the border.

As of late, newscasts are spewing forth with a range of nonsense. On that idiot list is a situation called; “critical race theory.” Look closely at this photo and think for a bit. Then remember the affirmation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of an America in which people are “not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Last evening it was leaked that it seems that later today Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett might get the nod be nominated to the Supreme Court. If so we’ll find out a lot more about her; other than that she is a strong Constitutionalist. After what partisans put Justice Bork through, then Justice Thomas. Their appointments were child’s play compared to what Justice Kavanaugh and his family was put through. These politicians tried to absolutely destroy him and his family. Each time it seems to only get worse with the personal attacks and lies. It was staggering the depth to which he was abused; I hope she gets a fairer, more honest, hearing. I hope that she has a ton of courage.

This week the Senate Intelligence Committee released an 87-page report which is making it look as if everyone except President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia in 2016. It’s amazing that only one news entity reported on it!

This evening it’ll be dinner to celebrate our Anniversary – outdoors at the nearby Wiedemann brewhouse. This followed by a race home for the Zoom wedding. Somewhere during the day, I’ll try to walk a couple of miles. Whew, busy day – but good!

Make it great week, keep the peace, stay safe, and be healthy! All Lives Matter.


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