It’s Saturday morning and a good one to you. Jason and Cathy will be ready to move into their new digs a little later this morning. It’ll be almost 90 today (and reach a solid 90 from tomorrow through Tuesday). But that is nothing compared to our west coast family. The group in Portland will be facing 113-degree weather – this in a place where less than 30% of the homes have air conditioning.

I’m focused on the west coast this AM because we’re drinking Seattle’s best for a week or two; I can smell it brewing.

I’ve been queried regarding activities on the corner of Chaos & Mayhem. Actually (except for some loud cars – muffler & boom box) it’s been relatively quiet. Quiet that is, other than earlier this week when there was some activity three doors over. I’m still unclear exactly what happened.


”People who think a tax boost will cure inflation are the same ones who believe another drink will cure a hangover” ~ President Ronald Reagan

Our current President, a four-dimensional thinker, ponders otherwise – at least that is what he whispers into the microphone.

We’ve had some amazing characters vying for the top echelon of our government. Remember when the diminutive Massachusetts governor, Michael Dukakis, who decided to pose as a ‘tank commander’? That disaster wrecked his 1988 campaign.

A few were self-inflicted ‘flameouts’, think Wilber Mills and Jeb Bush. However, my favorite was independent Ross Perot. Here is a parody of ‘Ross’ on the campaign trail, where at the County Fair he had entered a cow ‘Mooing’ contest:

Le Gendarme en Balade – OK, now it’s totally ridiculous. It’s almost TWO years since I’ve seen or driven our little ‘Duck’ (Citroën – Deux Chevaux) with the idiotic Canadian/USA border closing. It’s so wrong, so political, and this has to change!! And soon!!

Even brother George sending me glowing newspaper articles on the 2CV; these are no substitutes.

Now I find myself sitting around watching scenes such as these, over and over again:

kauwgom – while walking through neighboring Norwood earlier this week I turned a corner just where the street was being repaved. The strong smell of hot tar hit me. And, before I could take a single step, a flashback to my early youth came into focus, complete with smell and taste. The mind is an amazing thing.

The time was in the Netherlands during their reconstruction shortly after the end of the Nazi occupation. I had zero knowledge of anything called chewing gum (‘kauwgom’ in Dutch), never even knew something like that existed. But as kids go we were intrepid discoverers and there was never a shortage for fun, and exploration. In our case part of it was messing around construction areas and coming across hunks of hardened tar. We’d pick a small chunk and begin chewing on it. And that was my flashback; the smells and taste of this tar as it softened. Kinda cool. And the best news of all, we all survived.

Vince’s Scholarship Already it’s the fourth year of this wonderful tribute. The winner (this year it’s Jady Chen at the University of Central Florida) is selected for a variety of attributes, i.e. green solutions, etc., the stuff which made Vince the ‘star’ in his field.

I reflected on Vince’s life and how it permeated through every facet. How the care and nurturing of his children was no different to what friends, family, and coworkers expressed at his Celebration of Life.

I also reflected on his unstoppable drive. His work to achieve his PE accreditation and Leed certification. His ongoing training to then achieve the elite status of being an Iron Man finisher – twice over. Even him beating me to the top of Rock Candy Mountain at the lake; while carrying a backpack with his drone and gear – a little over two months before his passing. Love you guy!

Blissful moments – The other day I climbed on our balcony, lit a cigar, and was magically transferred into the nasty world of the middle-east. I listened to a discussion between professor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Yaakov Katz the Jerusalem Post’s editor-in-chief on his book; “Shadow Strike”.

2006 and Syria was in the final stages of building a nuclear fusion facility out in the desert. Israel’s Mossad had gotten wind of it. The facility had to be shut permanently, without opening another middle-eastern conflict.

What an amazing tale. How the final solution was brought about not by a team, but by individuals; our President and even more importantly, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. Knowing that the demise of Israel was on the brink and even though Olmert faced jail time he never disclosed what had happened, and how by a mere sliver the nation of Israel was preserved. Considering the capability of our current leadership, could such a feat be managed effectively today? I know what I believe and am not optimistic that it could.

Interested in a listen? Click Newt’s World – Gingrich360 for 35-minutes of delight. No the time right now, just open the Ramblings whenever; it’ll be here waiting for you.

South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) – And no, not a Patsy Cline tribute; but after 90 plus days our Border point-person VP finally made it – sort of. Not saying it was merely a photo-op but looking at the map, it did seem like a convenient stopover between DC and a weekend home. Had she only stayed long enough to answer journalist’s questions we might have found out the details.

Calling Kamala’s visit to El Paso a visit to the Southern Border is the equivalent of going to Olive Garden and saying you’ve been to Italy ~ Lauren Boebert

Fini –
• A few days ago we celebrated midsummer. Oak and Holly once again have fought for the land with the result that now the days will slowly start to shorten.

• Happy Birthday today to Tevita, many, many more.

• Three days ago it would have been Alan Turing’s birthday. It’s estimated that his WWII efforts in cryptanalysis resulted in the invention of the “universal Turing machine”, and thus the ability to break Nazi military codes. He likely saved as many as 14-million lives for which he never got the appreciation as deserved.

• Thought I’d share a tangible change from a year ago – you’ll understand.

• The theory of Relativity as explained by Albert Einstein himself; “when you sit with a nice girl for two hours it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours.”

• Yesterday June 25 (in 1903) was the birthday of George Orwell (born Eric Blair). I’ve not come across anyone who demonstrated in a more clever way the exposing of tyranny, oppression, and the deep injustices of his (and by default, our) time. Read this remarkable man’s opus; Animal Farm.

• This week Presidential words to live by from President Biden; “Those who say the blood of Patriots, you know. And all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government.”… “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

• A brilliant way of displaying which of our 50 states did best and worst during the Coronavirus pandemic all in a single chart (by analysts at Hamilton Place Strategies). Best states are found in the Lower-Left quadrant both in rates of Covid deaths and job losses. Worst place to be is in the Top-Right quadrant, these states experienced the worst outcomes. The remaining states are ‘middling’ to various degree.

• Reported by the far-left Los Angeles Times with this headline; “The California Legislature on Monday approved a $100-million plan to bolster California’s legal marijuana industry.” What, legal marijuana in trouble? Could taxes and regulations have something to do with it? Maybe?

Make it great week people, keep the peace, be happy, stay safe, and head outdoors!


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