We’ve now switched seasons. We’ve moved from that time of the year when people who wouldn’t ride bicycles because it was too cold now won’t ride bikes because it’s too hot ~ Bike Snob, NYC

I sure had great hopes to at least post something last Saturday. The time in Austin precluded that. I guess that what that means is that I had a very busy, but great time, in Texas. So now, even though it being about as muggy as can be here, the coffee is ready and smells good. Let’s get started.

With the weather here in the ‘Natti, I made it home as planned by being chauffeured from the airport by Maddie and Lyft (Marcia felt that the struggle with rain and the ongoing bridgework delays, getting into KY was a bit much). OK. So I walked through the door about 1½ hours later than anticipated; that wasn’t Maddie’s fault.

Getting home when I did also meant it was right at the height of Cicada season. Tree trunks look like they have beards created by the shells of the little beasties. People, some wrapped in plastic rain gear, are fun to watch making wild dashes for their cars with arms flailing. Even prior to departing I had the leaf blower busy several times to make the front walk passable. I recorded the incessant mating ‘chatter’. It was from our balcony and in the background what you hear are cars, the rest; well you know the rest.

In the Dark – What are the odds? What are the odds that in a large commercial venue, a major event (i.e. a High School graduation), goes DARK at the exact time that the ceremonies begin? And, the craziest of all is that the event was supposed to be outdoors, but due to weather was moved into Austin’s Delco Center. For Derek his graduation will go into the memory books.


Most of it was held under the lights of hundreds of cell phones with sound powered by a single Bull-Horn. What did come out better than ever, was the voices of a couple of thousand people, singing our national anthem a cappella– in the dark.

And, you know what? None of the ‘hiccups’ mattered at all. All present were thrilled. The students were happily delighted. The guests were chatting with those around them. It was a great occasion.

Man in Black – Derek made a late play to head out to his final school Prom. Labeled “Austin Weird” it was made open to all seniors, date or no date, formal or ‘whatever’, none mattered. There went Derek, at 6’3” plus, wearing his size 15 shoes, looking very GQ’s. Mom proud. Opa delighted. And Derek, who took it all in (nervous?) stride.

Black Pumas – After multiple delays due to weather and Covid Kirstin, with a couple of tickets, invited me to join her to an outdoor performance by Austin’s own Black Pumas. The band are 4X Grammy Nominees. Hence, we stood with what was estimated at roughly 2,000 other fans in Stubbs backyard (their outdoor venue), for a wonderful performance by this red-hot band. I had a blast. Thank you Kirstin.


Not familiar with the psychedelic soul sounds of the group? Have a listen. If you are familiar, skip past the video clip.

Nearly Black and Green – is what the fence at Kirstin’s back yard had turned into. Only one solution; Power Wash the thing. Off we went to some outlets to select the exact machine needed. At Lowe’s we hit the mark, and later back home it did the job.


While I was there we got a solid start. Kirstin finished it after I went home. That, plus some gutter work, and a re-do of the paint on the back door; her backyard had never looked so good. In fact, so good that what had to be the best meal of my stay was a dinner of authentic Asian Ramen eaten in the backyard’s pergola in the new favorite spot; the backyard.

Fini –
• Welcome to the family (courtesy of Alex and Taryn) is baby Varenna Summer Sun Pastoor. I am told that she’s all that Alex, Taryn, & grandparents Art and Jolene could have wished for.

Boarding my homebound flight reminded me of the way they move cattle into the slaughterhouse.

• The current G7 in Cornwall is happening in a world where the group is hanging by their fingernails seeking to stay relevant. Their ‘family’ photo reminds me of watching elderly Chinese getting ready for the 5:00AM morning program of ‘qigong” meditation exercises. What a team!

• Now that a series of texts by Hunter Biden have come to light. These, where he casually keeps on using the “n-word; it appears that “white supremacy” propaganda by the media has immediately shifted over to “climate change”. Hmmm, very interesting.

• What the insanity of the past year and a half has brought to light is that our enlightened culture has ‘progressed’ from testing ill people (to prove that they were ill) – to testing healthy people to prove they were healthy! Why? Because our so called scientists told us that was the science. Disagree? That made room to be censored. Wacko stuff indeed.

• Every day this week more negative stuff on Dr. Fauci has appeared. This week it was dollars sent to the Wuhan virology Lab. Possibly for something called “gain of function”. This man has bounced around more than a marionette doll worked by a seven year old.

• Kamala Harris’s trip to Central America even had CNN declare it a disaster. Lester Holt pinned her to the fact that she had NOT been to the border — wasn’t she appointed our Border Tsar? As the photo shows, Lester was wrong on that count.

• Were you aware that it tales over 100,000 lbs. of materials to make one electric car battery? Guess how many of these rare earth mines are owned by China?

• Love this paragraph by Australian Peter Clack: “The history of earth’s geological past is well understood. Science reveals an endless pattern of rocky surface plates moving, colliding & sinking. Science records this creation of the world, life & its ocean driven climate. Life may be based on CO2, but climate is not. It’s a hoax.”

• My favorite photo of the Three Stooges. I always loved their totally juvenile antics.

• Walking between my hotel and Kirstin’s home I had to cross this spot. For some silly reason I caught myself looking up each time I came by this place.

• First view of the ‘Big Muddy’ as I headed home.

Make it great week people, keep the peace, be happy, stay safe, and head outdoors — walk a block!


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