It’s a cool Saturday morning (64) and even with the humidity in the eighties, it’s really a decent morning. Coffee isn’t on yet, I’ll do that in a few. What we are expecting is a couple+ inches of rain during the weekend. We’ll see.

I awoke by a general alarm being pushed through my mobile – 3:30AM. Reaching over to see what was that urgent I happened to pick up my phone upside down. Turning it around had this bit of importance disappear into cyber-space. More than likely it was to alert that an unoccupied car had rolled down a driveway – oh say – somewhere in Pittsburgh. Anyway, I really don’t have a clue what all that was about; other than that I am now awake. On that note, a good morning to all.

A little bit late, but here is a thought for the Fourth of July:

”Cling to this day—cling to it, and to its principles, with the grasp of a storm-tossed mariner to a spar at midnight.” ~ Frederick Douglas, 4th of July Oration, 1852

After escaping from slavery, Douglas became a social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. His life displays how America is and was the land of hope for everyone – unlike what the Marxists thinking embedded in Critical Race Theory is trying to foist on us. Don’t be fooled.

Hope for our nation is summarized in this 1½ minute audio piece, a smidgen from a wonderful discussion between former Speaker Newt Gingrich and historian Allen C. Guelzo. Important during these strange times of upheaval, disarray, and disorder. If you want the whole 40 minute discussion, look up “Newt’s World Episode 274: Allen Guelzo on July 4, 1776” or just click here.

Video – A video which is different from the norm and for the reason I’ll explain momentarily shortly. This amazingly powerful statement was made by Mr. Hillel Neuer. Neuer is a Canadian-born international lawyer, writer, and the executive director of U.N Watch., a human rights NGO and U.N. watchdog group based in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the meantime:

The Corner of Calm & Mundane – we thought continued in this manner for the whole week. For two days Marcia and I were entertained by a team of Tree Trimmers. It was amazing how much overhang and dead wood was removed; and done in the most acrobatic fashion. It was wonderful seeing it all from our little window on the world.

Then things changed a bit. No, not the mayhem I’ve described so often. This time the action came from three blocks away (behind the Belvedere where my mother lived for a decade). A house located there is gorgeous “Italianate” and is up for sale. And an accepted offer is in play.

Seems like a Catholic order [the Legionaries of Christ] want/need a zoning change from single family status to something termed ‘Monastery’ – their proposed purpose is to rotate up to 10 priests through the place. Hence it would be more akin to something I would label; ‘Motel’.

Originally the city zoning board was amenable. Some further digging uncovered that the Order’s was founded in Mexico in 1941 by a priest named Marcial Maciel – now deceased. Maciel was accused of sexual-abuse and has now been connected to over 60 cases of abuse to minors.

And so it began. It’s since come to light that 33 members of the order were found to have committed abuse as priests or deacons, including 18 active members as of 2019. Further, that millions of dollars are parked in offshore tax havens (according to an AP article).

Hence, it was mid-week when Marcia and I sat on the couch much akin to the way people gathered around their radios to hear the old FDR ‘Fireside Chats’, only now we were watching on Zoom.

Consequently the neighborhood is abuzz! Lawyers hired, even I wrote a letter. It didn’t take long before a ‘zoning change’ decision postponement was granted. Tuesday evening a scheduled neighborhood association meeting will take place.

Now that the ‘hornet’s’ nest has been shaken it’s also come to life. I’ll keep you posted.

Anti Semitism – is alive and well. In New York City security camera videos crop up weekly showing thugs ‘sucker punching’ Jewish looking folk without cause. In Western Europe there is an upsurge of anti-Semitism and it’s revolting.

During WWII my parents gave shelter and aid to neighboring Jewish folk and within my own family I have loved ones I proudly call ‘Jewish’. Today, what we’re seeing is nothing more than very hurtful scapegoating of a people. You’d think we were beyond such nonsense, but apparently not.

As a nation we hand over millions and millions of dollars to the United Nations. At almost 10% of their budget we are the largest financial contributor to the U.N. (India is second). Yet, we are not a member of the U.N. Human Rights Council. Want to see who’s on this council? Now does the video clip by Hillel Neuer of U.N. Watch I opened with make sense? Possibly a ‘sense’ of disgust?

Fini –
• Happy Birthday this past week to Marin (the big 18). And next week to brother Pieter (well beyond his 18th)

• I find it amazing that here are two ‘hard-science” Covid experts who got “peer-reviewed” by the mob and virtually erased from social media. Stuff like that gives credence to President Trump’s just filed lawsuit. Indeed, we’ve all been hurt by these ‘nation within a nation’ corporations refusal to allow for serious debate and input. If interested these experts I thought of are Dr. Knut M. Wittowski and Dr. John P.A. Laonnidis.

• I purchased a jug of Wet & Forget (outdoors). Whenever there is a window of opportunity (mostly weather related) I’ll head over to Spring Grove cemetery to clean up my parent’s tombstone. Full report on how well the stuff works will be forthcoming.

This past week in 1885, our (very) distant namesake, Louis Pasteur successfully administered an anti-rabies vaccine to a 9-year old boy, saving his life.

• Higher taxes through any variety of means are to be used to change earth’s climate – utter nonsense. ¾ of a billion years ago and for a period of 75-million years our earth was buried under ice from the poles to the equator. This ice period was due to the massive release of volcanic sulphur dioxide. Nature is the control mechanism not power grabbing and wealth theft.

Heroes, this week it’s French art historian Rose Valland. She was a member of the French resistance during WWII and secretly recorded the details of the Nazi plunder of French and Jewish owned art.

• As SNL’s “Church Lady” would say “Isn’t that special?” President Biden just gave Raytheon $2-Billion for atomic cruise missile development. His Secretary of Defense just happened to have been a Raytheon board member prior to his jump over.

• It’s true; yeah right.

  • I do believe we still have the 2nd Amendment in place. Biden: “we need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oft times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors”, getting people vaccinated. And in case you wonder, yes, I’ve been vaccinated (J&J)
  • Israel just sent 700,000 soon to expire Pfizer vaccines to South Korea so they wouldn’t go to waste. By the way, the Palestinians rejected that offer – apparently they choose hatred over common sense.

• Best bumper (actually fuel door) sticker seen this week.

• Want to understand politics? You can’t until you understand that (most if not all) politicians aren’t trying to solve your problems, just their own. Getting elected and reelected are numbers 1 and 2. Anything left for a number 3 usually is lost in the hub-bub.

• Finally, remember that the Titanic was designed by experts…..

Make it great week people, keep the peace, be happy, stay safe, and head outdoors and for many, make it the best BBQ ever!


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