Amazing! It’s Saturday morning, and Marcia was already up and the Coffee is made. So wonderful!

Outside it’s still dark and quiet, except that Marcia informed me that she saw a mom Raccoon with four young-uns cross the street. Couple that with the fox wandering up to our building’s front door earlier in the week and it makes me think we’re living in a wildlife sanctuary.

Add to the above the little family crossing the car-wash driveway while I was getting a car wash earlier in the week and the whole ‘sanctuary’ thing becomes certainty.

Breaking News – Is that Canada has agreed to open the border on August 9th.

Hold the presses! Not to be outdone by Trudeau, buffering brained Biden and his crack team of buffoons caused (as of July 21st) to have this headline be printed: “Despite Canadian easing, US extends land border restrictions”. The delay seems to be for another 30 days.

The US U.S. Department of Homeland Security says the extension is due to COVID rates in both Canada and Mexico, and says the risk of spread poses a “specific threat to human life or national interests.” These clowns have the temerity to make that insane statement even while the southern border has ceased to exist!

By September we’ll have had over 1-million illegal migrants storm across the border and flown (on our dime) across the nation; no health checks, no origin checks, no masks, no vax, and no papers whatsoever. It’s well beyond a slap in the face to those of us who followed the rule of law, stood in line, and swore a solemn oath to gain entry – even bringing a family Bible from seven generations back as providing proof of who we were (Kamala — there really were no faxes back then).

Anyway, the earlier prospect of travel to our Northern Comfort had some of us talking. It was nearby Earl Pitts who piped up just how he was getting ready for vacation travel. I happened to record his insights:

Should it still come to pass that travel north will be served on some silver platter; I have my personalized GPS routing already fully installed:

The Noise, Color, & more Noise – The accelerating pattern we observe is that more and more vehicles have thoroughly obnoxious exhaust blow-by noise-maker systems installed. A little noise, OK. It’s the over the top monster sound makers that need to stop. Couple that with a mega-watt amped up sound system, and the never ending bass booming Rap which makes the windows shake from almost a block away; now, that is horrendous. Is this rant an aging thing on my part?

The nearby village of St. Bernard has signage installed forbidding this noise stuff – and everybody knows that it’s categorically enforced. I guess that the minute these characters cross the village line and into Cin-City, everything gets ‘pumped’ up.

The Smirk Heard Round the World – earlier in the week we joined good friends Dave and Pat for lunch and they plus ‘moi’ (Marcia just came for lunch) took in a well-produced documentary film; The Boys in Red Hats. Although the incident was broadcast nightly for weeks by the media it was worthwhile seeing it all over again in detail, from various angles, and without spin.

You remember the event in Washington. A prominent nearby boys high school (Covington Catholic) had students go to DC for the annual March for Life. There they got caught up having to deal with activists who had gathered. Some video surfaced and the students’ red MAGA hats were all the media needed to see to spin their ‘mega’ (pun intended) event of the year. If you get a chance to see it I’ll discuss the film with you – should be fun.

Sunday afternoon in pictures – After the Wu-Flu shutdowns and the crippling effects on life as normal it was now a perfect day to wander Findlay Market. Lunch was at our standby Vietnamese Pho restaurant. Marcia ordering her favorite, a small bowl of Pho noodle soup and for me a new dish – a salad; G?i Tôm B?p C?i (shrimp salad) served in a sesame rice shell. It was stunningly good! We finished the afternoon’s wanderings with a sample flight of beer at the Samuel Adams Tap House.


Fini –
Reading a “gotta-finish-it-now” book written by Professor Gad Saad; The Parasitic Mind. A book about as insightful as I’ve come across and a brilliant read.

• Kevin Sorbo: “Remember to get vaccinated or a vaccinated person might get sick from the virus that they were vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated.” See how that works?

This past week (July 21st) in 1969. Ohio’s Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the Moon at 2:56:15 AM (GMT). Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later.

• Also on the 21st, Robin Williams would have turned 70. A comic like none other.

• Yesterday (July 23rd) in 1961 Grace Bumbry, Mezzo-Soprano, became the first black American opera singer to perform at the Bayreuth Festival Opera House in Germany performing as Venus in the then new production of Tannhauser. She received a 30-minute standing ovation and 42 bows. Wow! Now at age 88 she is still an active performer.

Earlier in the week Becca Meyers withdrew from the Tokyo Paralympic Games. She was to represent our country in swimming competition. Becca who is deaf-blind athlete has always had her mother with her as her personal assistant. The USOPC had a single assistant assigned to 33 athletes and refused her needs accommodation request due to Covid restrictions. Bureaucracy at its best.

• Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame); “A lot of Biden’s public statements come off the same when you read them backwards.” This was never more evident than watching the CNN Town Hall event held here in the ‘Nati this past week.

• Crazy. Since 2000, Germany has spent $600-billion on climate science. Since then nothing beneficial has been accomplished. However it has come to the point that electricity costs are now so high that it has now begun to be viewed as a luxury good.

OK, it’s daylight. Tomorrow things should moderate, but today it’s going for a 90 degree temperature along with 93% humidity. “Now isn’t that special” as the Church Lady would say.


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