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For the love of Bourbon
09 25th, 2021

Great morning all; what a week it’s been. It was a crazy wonderful time, with George and Sandy keeping us in tow. The only thing that suffered was my exercise regimen – other than the twice-a-week workout via Zoom with my Bros.; that stayed intact.

However, first, we have a new favorite coffee and are drinking it now. George and Sandy brought us a sack of Café Don Pablo Signature Blend coffee and it’s most excellent. Thanks guys.

The Move – It’s almost 99.9% complete and Adrianne, Tevita, and ‘kiddos’ are our new neighbors. The kids especially love their new digs and with the physical layout of the place are able to isolate for their own and quiet time and homework. Even Rugby-the-dog has settled in.

I am now awaiting Tevita to begin teaching me the Haka so that we can properly face off with the native Pacific Islander war cry when we meet up in our building’s front lobby. I am watching the following to learn each and every nuance so as to do it correctly – still struggling with the ‘tongue’ thing though.

Unveiling – This past week, in the Netherlands, their first national Holocaust monument was unveiled. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, who had relatives murdered during the Holocaust, it lists 102,163 of the Dutch victims (Jews, Roma or Sinti [aka “Gypsies”] who were deported to the Nazi extermination camps). It consists of a labyrinth of walls consisting of bricks, each listing the name of a victim. When seen from above it forms Hebrew letters reading “in remembrance.”

Another and possibly the main reason I mention this unveiling is this quote from Daniel Libeskind, who also oversaw the master plan for the Ground Zero memorial in New York and said it was overwhelming to see his design unveiled in the Dutch capital and added: “It’s a warning to us all what can happen in so-called civilized societies.”

Libeskind’s warning I see as most critical during this time of upheaval and especially with all the Marxist based nonsense of Critical Race Theory (CRT) being pushed like a tsunami through our nation – our schools, our workplaces, our government, and even our military. As a nation we’ve worked too hard to assimilate everyone, to put past problems behind us, and to eliminate people living in isolated ‘silos’. CRT must be denounced!

Our Bourbon Tour – and the few days we spent in Bardstown, Kentucky while staying at an old mansion with 15’ ceilings made the time even more special – the Bourbon Manor built circa 1810.

Sandy organized a tour, and with our guide for the day, Jim, we could not have hit it better. On the surface, being a guide could not be simpler. Upon reflection, doing it right (‘guiding’ that is) is actually quite difficult and Jim was a master.

As luck would have it we witnessed the ‘skin’ being replaced on a Rickhouse. Jim said that over a ten-year span he had never seen this in progress. As a FYI, Bourbon barrels (about 500 pounds each) are stored in a ‘Rickhouse’ and the Racks holding the barrels are NOT part of the Rickhouse which sits like a shell over its contents.

Pictures on tour –

President Biden’s quote for the week;

If Haiti, a God awful thing to say, if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest.” ~ Joe Biden, 1994

Fini –
• This weekend Marcia and I are celebrating our #51. The tour was the ‘pre’ celebratory event and as you’ve seen, it was a good one.

• Kirstin mentioned on Instagram that yesterday (September 24) was the day of her first meeting Vince at a party. She shared that he’d invited her to dance. The song? “Shout” by Tears for Fears. Just in case it’s been a while since you heard it, thought I’d give you the opportunity – this was performed by the group in 2019 (since we’ve all aged and they have too).

• In two weeks there will be a conference in Las Vegas titled; “Climate Realism vs. Climate Socialism”. As Luis Aramburu wrote; “Without the relentless MSM propaganda, you wouldn’t even notice there was a climate emergency going on because, in fact, there is no climate emergency. It’s all a fabrication.”

• Let’s just say, a 1964 Chevrolet would survive to September 25, 2021. Then let’s just say that it parked in front of my building. Then, this is what it would look like.

• Shortly I’ll be heading out to buy and replace my right rear turn-signal bulb. It’s not that I am too put out with my inability to signal my intentions, but primarily with the high-speed clicking noise. I can’t stand it.

• Now to all three of my readers, you’re in luck. I did pay my annual “Hosting Service” fee. The Rambling’s’ isn’t going away!

• Question to the ‘Nati’ gang, is Apple-Picking on the agenda this weekend?

Make it a great week. Stay happy. Be graceful and good to those around you. Best till next weekend. And remember, tomorrow evening is Willie Nelson’s annual “Farm Aid” show.


Great morning all. This is coming to you directly from now the cleanest office and the most organized desktop in many a day. See, tomorrow brother George and sister-in-law Sandy will come a knocking on our front door and ‘organization’ became the mantra of the week.

In the meantime, the coffee is hot and my mind is a-whirring. So let’s get these “Ramblings” going.

Yesterday was Constitution Day; did you celebrate?

Happy Constitution Day. We should never forget the Constitution wasn’t written to restrain citizen’s behavior, it was written to restrain the government’s behavior. Protecting the Constitution protects our liberties ~ Senator Rand Paul 9/17/2021

A “mensch” – Monday evening our whole gang will be heading to the Great American Ballpark to see the Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates play. It was about this time but in 1965 when major league baseball inserted a new anecdote into its historic records.

1965, the start of the World Series and Yom Kippur (the holiest day in Judaism) coincided, and Sandy Koufax refused to pitch the opening game due to the solemnity of the religious holiday. He ended up pitching the winning game for the Dodgers, received the MVP award, and was labeled Sportsman of the Year. No kneeling, no purple hair, with that guy.

Space – Inspiration4 is the first all civilian space venture ever and is a huge fund raiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I’ve been following this SpaceX launch from inception. Now in space these four civilian astronauts are able to show a more ‘human’ side of such a venture – and are having a blast doing so.

There are a number of firsts with this quartet, not the least of which is Haley who the youngest astronaut ever, is a cancer survivor, and has prosthesis. You’ll love the following absolutely inspirational 10-minute YouTube. Space travel has become real.

Painted Ladies – Walking is never boring. There is always something fresh, interesting, or stimulating to be seen.

This week on one of my walks I started focusing on the ‘Painted Ladies’ along the way. Once I began it didn’t take long to even differentiate; what exactly became a “Painted Lady” in all of its glory; was it the paint? Or. Like another done up in natural (think flowers and greens) that popped up. Even if it wasn’t so much the paint itself, but the manner of construction coupled with the materials used sufficed to make them ‘Painted’. All together it really made my walk.

Gas Lights – Every so often I get asked why living in a Gaslight District is important to me. Well, one of the reasons we moved here decades ago is that these streetlights give character and even excitement to a neighborhood.

Excitement? Yup, never know what I’ll see. This particular lamp must have heard someone use the word “ambiance” once too often, then the light blew its stack.

No more Cicadas – This is the final Cicada update for at least the next 17 years. The attached YouTube gives a solid presentation on the ‘why’ of the 17 or 13 year Cicada cycle. Take a look and remember; this so that you can then sound intelligent explaining it all to your grand and great grandchildren when these pests reappear and everyone is in a panic:

Fini –
• Out of the blue (a phone call giving a two-hour ‘heads-up’) and brother Art blew into town. Of course it was dinner time and therefore it had to be Skyline chili. Thanks for stopping by Art, we loved it!!!

• The Holland in 1888 was a different Holland from what we’d see today. A Catholic wife and her Protestant husband passed and had to be buried in separate graveyards. However, with some clever maneuvering they managed to stay together with a handshake – over the wall which divided them.

• Painted in in 1910 by Ernst Kirtchner and now in the Brücke Museum, Berlin is this painting titled “Marcella”. What strikes me is that to my eye, this could have been painted this year – it appears that current.

It’s good to see the grandkids going at it again after almost 18-months of craziness revolving around schools and life in general. Vili is back at Soccer. Vai is enjoying Volleyball. And Dinah is doing six evenings a week as a member of an eight-crew Skull – actually known as a ‘coxed eight’.

• Finally got to see our new FC Cincinnati soccer stadium last Saturday. Due to my haste I didn’t make it into the place but managed to get home where tuning in to the TV broadcast of the game got me through my predicament. We won!

• Orwell’s 1984 is a major step closer as government surveillance creeps into our bank accounts. Under the Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Broker’ plan it will allow the IRS direct access to gather details on any bank account containing $600 or over. They demand to know how and where you spend your money.

• Celebrate CO2. It’s the only atmospheric element that is not a gas, but is a compound made up of Carbon connected to two Oxygen elements. Since it is heavier than air it sinks and it pools much like water. Gathering in lowlands, pools, and oceans it collects where it then feeds life. Plants would die otherwise. Don’t let the CO2 hoax fool you.

• Now I MUST pay my annual “Hosting Service” fee (managed to forget doing it this past week) or ‘The Rambling’s’ won’t be around much longer.

Make it a great week. Demand the best from yourself, others, and your leaders. Be healthy, and stay happy. Best till next weekend.


So Subtle (part deux)

Dog Days of Summer
09 11th, 2021

What exactly do I mean with this week’s title? Well, it appears that the two ‘attack’ Pit-Bulls from the problem property down the street are gone. With the move by the kids, Rugby the dog is now our neighbor. This could also mean that I’ll get a walk or two in on a regular basis.

However, this year the “Dog Days of Summer” end today, August 11. Stemming from the days of Caesar it was thought that; “this was an evil time when the sea would boil, wine would turn sour and dogs would go mad. Disease would also be on the rise.” With the folly we see happening in the fight against the spread of the ‘Wu-Flu’ the season’s moniker seems to be not far off base. Let me have another sip of coffee and ponder on that last bit a little more.

“Directions” – But first, let me park this ‘graphic’ in front of George and Sandy who’ll be visiting with us in about a week and a half. A couple of days with us and then we’ll all head for Bourbon Country in Kentucky. Just in case they end up struggling with their GPS on their way here, I thought I’d help them out with directions. Our place is the Chicken ‘Nugget’ forming the high point on the KFC platter – a pretty easy find don’t you agree? Safe travels you two, we’re excited!

Really, what have we learned? – or Build the Taliban Back Better…. (Joe Biden). During the last two decades? On this, the twentieth anniversary of terrorists using passenger aircraft as missiles causing death, mayhem, and destruction in New York city, the Pentagon, and even a quiet Pennsylvania farm field, what have we learned?

We started a war much akin to one started in Vietnam decades earlier with a toxic blend of warring and politicking and left it even more chaotically (actually could use the word; ‘criminally’).

In the midst of all of that was Benghazi. That debacle caused more American deaths for no purpose and caused by an inept cadre of folk from the Obama administration (lying as they went along). Now, with a core group of ‘retreads’ from that past administration the Biden team keeps on trying to, using the idiom, “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Aside from using any leverage to curtail the mess we began, we’ve allowed the ‘jackals’ to take over while leaving citizens behind, handed death sentences to friends and their families, allowed women to be returned to lives akin to the suffering their forbears lived 400 years ago, and discarded all of the relationships with had fostered with our NATO allies. What we witnessed has been criminal and if it were any other President impeachment would be a foregone conclusion.

In my long memory I have not witnessed any move worse.

China gets auto chips, Russia gets a pipeline, the Taliban gets US arms, Cartels get open borders. We get mandates, lockdowns, inflation, and a hostage crisis. Don’t you get it yet? ~ Stephanie Hoover

Ribbit Ribbit – For the past 45 years WEBN has hosted the ‘Natti’s Riverfest Fireworks. WEBN radio is known for its mascot, Tree B. Frog, was one of the first stations in the nation which back in 1967 launched something called “Album Oriented Rock”, this at a time when FM didn’t draw a lot of listeners. Their ‘must tune in’ show, Jelly Pudding hosted by Michael Bo Xanadu had every ‘cool hipster’ in the area tune in almost daily.

Also, they would run an array of spoof spots such as; “the “White Rose and Lilac Virginity Restoration Clinic”, “WEBN’s Tree Frog Beer” “The Sleezy People’s Beer” and then years later with “It doesn’t taste like much but it gets you there faster”.” These were so good that stations such as Chicago’s WDAI in its ‘Underground Days’ also picked them up.

Anyway, for this entire run WEBN has synchronized an amazing lineup of music to each year’s Fireworks. I remember the era of the ‘Boombox’ where just maneuvering through the throng of 500,000 people on the riverbank (actually 250,000 since that was the number on each shore), in the dark, found oneself tripping over the things. Enjoy this one minute snippet from this year’s show; “RRRRRRIBBIT!”

The Duck – After all my tribulations, head scratches, and cuts ‘n bruises getting the little French Citroën 2CV home from Canada I got some input from friends and family. Several of their thoughts and ideas centered on turning it in to be recycled for its metal value, i.e. ‘scrap’.

What people really don’t realize is just how special that little vehicle is. How important it was to brining a whole nation a generation forward, and how it’s a ‘showcase’ for innovation. Don’t believe me? Spend a few minutes enjoying this YouTube, and you too will have learned a bit and grow in your appreciation of our little ‘Duck’:

Fini –
• “Have they released the actual number of lives saved by taping arrows to Supermarket aisles”; anonymous while shopping yesterday at Aldi’s.

• Best sandwich board of the week:

• Forgot to mention last week. Here’s to a (belated) blessed Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish family and friends. Shana Tova and a Happy New Year.

• Welcome home from vacations to Cathy and Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen

• Going WOKE in a manner that’s comprehensible:

• Scary thought of the day. “Realize that the woman who is third in line to the Nuclear Codes claims that she was duped by a hair stylist. Let that sink in”: Todd Bollinger

• I led the brothers exercise sessions this week – successfully. ‘Successfully’ except for the one new workout item I could not master.

• Now pay my annual “Hosting Service” fee. I guess that The Rambling’s will be around for a while longer.

Make it a great week. Demand the best from yourself, others, and your leaders. Be healthy, and stay happy. Best till next weekend.

Finally, my days of ‘camping-out’ are behind me. Traveling with a tow is complete. All rested up. And my wounds have healed (mostly). Now, Marcia who got up early made the coffee, so here goes, a little catching up to do – with coffee already at my side. Life is good.

“The” Corner – came to life as soon as I got back. It was like the ‘welcome’ wagon parked next to our bedroom. Most of the day a crew busied themselves making wonderful Zebra designs on the pavement. It’s really pretty impressive work.

Time for contemplation – The stay at Northern Comfort was primarily to take back the place from the ravages of two winters, two growing seasons, and too much time for the mice to party-hearty; plus getting it prepared for next year and a new season of normalcy (I hope). Then came the evenings, a little music and my feet up while listening to Loons in the cove – that was the time for contemplation.

I’ll let others explain better the directions of my thoughts:

One small guess could be that we live in an age where many who protest for peace start wars, those who promote health induce disease, those who cry loudest for equality act prejudiced and those who promote tolerance tolerate only themselves. ~ Svendje Bruket

I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. ~ Ronald Reagan

Traits that are a scourge to human dignity: 1) cowardice; 2) hypocrisy; 3) dishonesty; 4) herd mentality; 5) tepidness; 6) weakness; 7) apathy; 8) faux-empathy
Every leader in the West embodies these dreadful traits.
~ Gad Saad

Dropping like flies – Last week we lost another one from our generation. Probably the nation’s premier humorists, story teller, motivator and overall class-act; Jeanne Robertson – RIP

I picked this ‘bit’ for Marcia since we too experienced the exact same scenario (many many years ago, only ours was an O-Cedar broom)

Trip Home – was a long slog. Actually, it was no longer than the ‘going’ or any other previous return trip. What was different was that I was towing ‘The Duck’ and we’d had a slight mishap where I had to call AAA. The Tow Guy was a master with his flatbed tow truck, and had my troublesome Dolly trailer organized in short order. What it did demand though was a run through every rest area to ensure all was still secure. So, 14½ hours of straight driving later, I was able to secure the little car in Jason’s garage. Whew!

Gift-giving extraordinaire – This to our ‘new’ friends, the Jihadist Taliban:
• 22,174 Humvees
• 634 M1117 Armored Vehicles
• 115 Mxxpro Mine-proof vehicles
• 42,000 SUVs & Pick-up trucks
• 8,000 trucks
• 162,000 walkie-talkies
• 16,035 Night vision devises
• 358,530 Assault rifles
• 126,290+ Pistols
• An assortment of aircraft and helicopters
Creating a situation where this Jihadi Movement is now militarily better equipped than any of our NATO allies. Thank you Joe, Blinken, Austen, Majorkas, Milley, for plundering over $84Billion of our tax dollars as a ‘cost’ for your incompetence and malfeasance. Who of you plan to resign or get fired?

And thanks to the Media for already having dropped this horrendous and appalling event off of the front page. The ‘Fourth-Estate’ is alive and well I say sarcastically.

Fini –
• Vaioleti had a wonderful pool party on her Birthday.

• Yesterday brother George celebrated his Birthday while on the way to some time in California. Since the rest of us did our regular Workout Zoom we stayed on long enough to bring George into the conversation and sing him that special song.
• This past weekend my mother would have turned 110. Not forgotten and still in my heart.

• I brought with me some special Bourbon on my Canada trip; Private Stock Johnny Drum distilled by Willett Distillery. This was shared with Donn and Marlene and Barb and Bulent. We discovered that the stuff sure initiates wonderful discourse.

• Discovered that the Tree Swallows did NOT use our backyard ‘house’. I also discovered the ‘why’. Seems like there was a contest between the Swallows and some Wasps. Wasps seem to have won that battle.

Make it a great week. Value life, be healthy, and stay happy. Best till next weekend.