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The ‘Nati
10 23rd, 2021

Morning all. The Hunters Moon we witnessed this week was the defining mark of the arrival of the Fall season. A few days earlier, when it was still 84°, Marcia and I ate at one of our go-to joints, the iconic Quatman Café. Aside from the award winning Cheeseburger I had a cup of their homemade Mock Turtle soup – my personal announcement that autumn had come. Love the stuff!

That night major rains came through and two small tornadoes hit nearby. I know this happened because when I woke up in the morning after a night of perfectly restful sleep, the middle-of-the-night-extreme-weather-warning-alarm notice was parked on my mobile. The very next day the temperature high was 68°.

The other new sign that I spotted also announced the start of the countdown to Spring (why do we always end up looking forward?).

Now back to my coffee.

Deaths in the ‘Nati – Thought you’d want to know that here in the ‘Nati we’ve had a rash of shooting and accompanying deaths primarily by youths. As these events quickly fade into the usual woozy lifeless blur of candlelight vigils and park-side speeches surrounded by balloons; remember that much of this horror is due to, but never talked about, is the lack of a family structure. A replacement structure created when government began to take on the role of the father. This was a part of what quickly became the norm when instituted under President Johnson’s War on Poverty. What we’re seeing are the fruits of multiple generations of single family households; many of them consisting of kids having kids.

After listening to the happening in the audio link above, notice the streetcar reference made in the ‘Fifa‘ blurb below — no worry, all turned out well.

Fifa — Soccer’s World Cup will come to America in 2026. Cincy is in the running to be selected as one of the cities selected. For the 2026 games 48 nations will participate. 17 cities have offered to host and from those 10 will be selected.

Yesterday the Fifa selection committee spent the day in town and we went all out to make our pitch. If guessing, you guessed right if you assumed that yours truly went into the city core. Using my ‘geezer’ transit card I ended up to where it was all happening. I even rode the streetcar for a single loop (without any disturbance). Hours later I arrived home slightly wet, with a bunch of bling, and high hopes that we’ll be one of the selected cities. Here my afternoon, picture style:



ACL – After reading these ‘Ramblings’ and want to experience a church-like’ forty-five minutes crank up the volume and watch this Austin City Limits showing with the wonderfully gifted Jon Batiste. From New Oreans you’ll even catch a little of his high school marching band. Kirstin saw him recently at the ACL Festival and several years ago she and Vince attended a private concert with the amazing guitarist Gary Clark Jr. who makes a surprise entry. You’ll love this power-packed show.

Fini –
I know it’s early, but I just signed up for the December 18 Egg-Nog-Jog 5 & 10K through the hills of Mt Adams. Last year it was cancelled, but in prior years it was a great little event.

• Thought I’d ask whether or not you observed Hagfish Day. This brings awareness to the evolved but slimy hagfish. Observed every third Wednesday in October.

• Thought you’d want to know that over the past year your health officials, Dr. Fauci, and the large media have walked back slowly, a point or so at the time, the stated effectiveness of our vaccine jabs from a start of nearly 100% (to now that the push is on for additional jabs is going gangbusters), an efficacy of merely 33%.

• Thought you’d want to know that the Biden administration has lost track of 45,000 unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally. The decision to weaken vetting of adult sponsors contributed, in part, to the loss of contact with 40% of the more than 114,000 unaccompanied children who entered the U.S. illegally, according to Axios Media.

• Thought you’d want to know. This week at Oberlin College here in Ohio there were actually student complaints angrily filed that the work crew at Oberlin College installing new radiators in a ‘safe space’ for ‘women and transgendered persons’ were straight (cisgender) males. How will these clowns function once in the real world? What are they being taught?

  • Whatever happened to; “fifteen days to flatten the curve”?
  • Whatever happened to; “herd Immunity”?
  • This old Chrysler spotted on a recent walk reminded me of my 1950 Pontiac I owned many decades ago – it was the factory installed visor.

  • Did you know that Scotland has a specific name for a kind of ice-cold rain which falls there. When Marcia and Adrianne and I toured Edinburgh Castle I believe we experienced it.

  • I ordered a new batch of Don Pablo coffee with a delivery scheduled between last Thursday and today. This morning the first mail I spotted was from Amazon, and update asking if I still wanted it since now it is estimated to be delivered between coming Monday and Thursday. Is this the first inkling of the great ‘empty shelf’ syndrome we’re facing?


Make it a great week. Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay involved. Best till next weekend.


On the Water
10 17th, 2021

Morning all. I don’t know the ‘why’ of it, but why do so many ‘recreational’ activities require getting up during the wee weekend morning hours. I complain, but once up with the smell of coffee brewing and able to see the corner of Chaos & Mayhem as an empty and clean slate, then all is well. So again, this time in caps; Good Morning.

The ‘Picture of the Week’ is special. Vince dearly loved his grandmother, Gi Gi; both have passed. Gi Gi had a cottage-style place, lakeside, in Florida and Vince loved that place from childhood on and cherished taking Derek and Kellen there. So yesterday on the 4th anniversary of his passing I thought the two of them together, lakeside, and now looking out, both part of that vast beyond of merely that little lake captured it all.

Not to be hammering further on the Government’s yammering on and on over the WuFlu — while racing madly about moving the goal posts. Let me just say that now that I’ve officially gained ‘geezer’ status, that I am old enough to remember the government telling my parents that Margarine was good for us (but it had to be white; though could be sold with a little embedded yellow dye pack).

Meme of the Day. I remember trying to create a ‘tower of sound’ as complete as this shown and never achieving it. It still bothers me and I am still jealous of those who did.

Cereal of the Day. Am I the only one who dives for the Grape Nuts as my first choice? It’s difficult to find it in many cereal isles, and I have to pack extra when getting ready for a season at Northern Comfort; can’t find the stuff in Canada.

Can we get the Mexican cartels to help us with our supply chain issues? They don’t seem to have trouble getting stuff from one place to another ~ Scott Adams [Creator of the Dilbert cartoon]

Kentucky waters – was where we headed at dawn yesterday morning. Dinah was rowing and Marcia and I went to watch. Shortly after 7:30 we dropped her off. Then we joined up with Cathy and Jason for breakfast. Eventually we ended up on a bridge overlooking the Licking River (a 300 mile long tributary to the Ohio River, joining across from downtown Cincinnati). What I did learn is that the Licking is one of Kentucky’s best native muskellunge streams (didn’t see any).

Watching her on the water in her 8-person oared skull is impressive. The boat moving along at approximately 20mph makes it that much more impressive. Having the opportunity to see up close the boats and their team facilities had me saying; “WOW!

What we saw and experienced is best shown by my shutting up and just posting it via photo:



Cyber Security — We love our proclaimed days and months. Did you know that October is; National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)? It was started by the National Cyber Security Division within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. All good stuff. Having said that, we best begin paying some serious attention to what is going on in the world and not just ‘pop a cork and celebrate’.

This October Nicolas Chaillan, the Pentagon’s chief software officer, resigned because he could not bear to see the US overtaken by China in technological development, with some American cyberdefences at “kindergarten level”.

I guess we’re just a bit more involved establishing WOKE things, things such as “equity” policy, rather than worry about matters on the world stage.

Wonders of Sleep — This year my brothers and I have all become healthier thanks to brother Art starting us lazy slugs on a path towards better health through exercise. And, it’s working! Thanks Art.

This week on my walks I’ve been listening to Dave Rubin Report interviewing a Dr. Matthew Walker — professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California at Berkley.

He claims that for better health what we do regarding sleep is not just to treat it as one of the three pillars towards good health (body & mind), but it’s actually the foundation of the whole business. I thought this fun 45-minute podcast worthwhile enough to share and urge you to play it. Click on this ‘Dave Rubin Report’ as your link.

Fini –
• Today in 1793 Marie Antoinette (she of “Let them eat brioche” fame) was sent to the guillotine during the French Revolution. It probably is still an event which every politician should heed.

• On a much more positive note, today in 1894 the Ohio National Guard killed three lynchers trying to kill a black man.

• Jason would just as soon mow his lawn using a push reel lawn mower. Sneakily, this past week he was seen mowing, operating nothing of the sort.

• Whatever happened to; “fifteen days to flatten the curve”?

• Whatever happened to; “herd Immunity”?

• On a walk I spotted a beautiful vintage BMW. The sticker on the window said it all. And, from my perspective it applies everywhere.

• In two days our day-high temperature dropped from 84 to 65 – autumn has come. With that in mind much of what we hear ignores the undisputed fact that the earth was much warmer than today for the past 200-million years of the Pleistocene and that we’re on the trailing end of a 50-million year cooling period. Thought you’d want to know.

• Ian S. is a fellow 2CV lover who lives in Wales. It’s good to see that even in the UK a 2CV on the street has the same response as it does here. He wrote; “Elly [his 2CV] in New Quay last evening while awaiting chips. Was amusing to see how much attention she gets.”

• Bert, a fellow born-in-Enschede guy, and Brother in Law to Paul and Dia needs your thoughts and prayers. Currently experiencing a tough time.

Make it a great week. Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay involved. Best till next weekend.


Hold for ONE more Day
10 16th, 2021

It’s very early and very dark. Coffee is on, and Marcia too is already up. Here’s what’s going on. We’re joining up with Jason & Cathy and Dinah. Reason? Dinah has to be on the water at Eight!

So, combining all the logistics – we’re up and soon will be ‘outta’ here.



For some silly reason all that’s racing through my mind is that old poem from E. A. Poe:

The Raven

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more.”

10 9th, 2021

A steaming mug of ‘Don’ is sitting next to me and the smell is intoxicating; Don Pablo coffee that is. It’s been a mostly busy week along with mostly daily decently long walks. See a pattern here? Mostly?

This week it was the height of Fall color in Canada and I miss being there to experience it. Luckily my friend and neighbor sent me this wonderful capture of the place in all of its glory.

On one of my walks I passed a police speed meter and when approached it flashed my reading. At least I think it was reading me and not some distant vehicle which it just happened to register. I must admit, I felt quite proud.

On another walk I came across a soccer game being played on Xavier University’s ‘Pitch’. It was a bit of a struggle, stay and enjoy watching or continue my exercise walk. For those of you keeping track; I continued. 

As an aside, two years ago this past week we were enjoying the greatest economy in the history of the world. Elections do have consequences.

Trillion – is a numeric designation that is being bantered about in the ‘hallowed’ halls of Congress. “Borrow a Trillion dollars here, but only if we can borrow 3 to 5 Trillion dollars there” – you’ve been hearing it talked about almost daily. So, this is what these clowns are really talking about put in terms which a lame-brain such as me can visualize:

On the day that Jesus was born my forebears would begin and spend $One Million Dollars every day. Their children and children’s children would continue to spend that same amount, $One Million Dollars each and every day until today. Then my children and children’s children must continue to spend that same $One Million Dollars each and every day for another 700 years.

700 years out we reach that moment when that $One Trillion Dollar spending spree would have been reached. Currently we are about $30 Trillion Dollars in debt. But remember what they say; “It’s OK folks, nothing to see, nothing to worry about.”

”Worthless Mitch McConnell folded like a cheap tent on the debt ceiling.” ~ Anonymous – found on the Internet

Just a partisan hack – Our government has a series of ‘Councils’ which bring knowledgeable citizens and their combined wisdom, insight, and expertise to the ‘party’. Members of these non-partisan Councils serve for no pay (except for travel expenses), most serve six-year terms, and are there by Presidential appointment – crossing differing administrations. Now, these are different times, and Biden’s team has been busily at work pushing out members not of their liking – earlier 11 members of various, traditionally non-partisan, Military Academy boards were pushed out. Now it’s apparently the National Council on the Arts’ turn to be savaged.

This week it was singer song-writer Lee Greenwood’s turn to get summarily dumped. Greenwood was appointed originally by W.H, Bush, and has served faithfully and apolitically under various administrations since. So now, without even a “Thanks for your many years of service”, he was notified via some underling’s e-mail.

Many, many years ago I was also asked to resign by a then newly elected partisan hack governor (Dick Celeste – D). This was after working under previous ‘R’ and ‘D’ administrations without question and without a ‘hiccup’ in the very political world of mental health and developmental disabilities (I am being sarcastic folks); hence this move by team Biden probably means a bit more to me.

‘Free’ Nations and their Covid-19 dealings – I am amazed on how idiotically nations such as ours, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany are dealing with Covid-19 – mostly through horrific infringements to our freedoms. Many of us have gone through this (or are still going through it) in our States and Provinces; maybe this makes it easier to understand. If you live in LA and NY you’ll understand what we’re talking about. As will folk in various Canadian Provinces or citizens of Australia. Canada requires a Vaccine ‘Passport’ for any public means of travel.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announces new restrictions for Thanksgiving. No indoor gatherings are permitted for the unvaccinated outside of their own households

But the most insidious bit comes from Germany and just a mere 75 years after the Nazi Holocaust where Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David patch inscribed with them being Jewish. Now they plan to release a yellow badge announcing vaccination status; this time, in the center is the image of a syringe in red. Unbelievable just how hopelessly clueless this all is.

Just so you realize that really none of this has any scientific necessity or basis; that’s not what it’s about. Realize that a couple of weeks ago the Scandinavian countries made the rational decision and declare the ‘Pandemic’ to be over. Live in Scandinavia and life is once again as it was a couple of years ago – FREE.

Before CRT – we recently had life in the ‘60s, the’70s, and the ‘80s. In the Sixties we had the marvelous statements uttered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During my prime years our kids were brought up race neutral in our Public School systems. Likewise, for us, it was only character that mattered in our relationships.

However, what’s surfaced during the last decade or so is something called Critical Race Theory under which nothing is more important than skin color. We’re being pushed into various ‘silos’ by all sorts of various groups, politicians, University Professors, School Teachers, and Communist backed groups like Antifa and BLM.

Push back and don’t fall under the wheels of this insidious trend.

This week I came across a early black and white movie made in the early twentieth Century. It shows soldiers from the Civil War, Union and Confederate war survivors meeting up. It shows that we can come together, that the past can be the past, and that a future life as one can work. Enjoy these two little films:

Fini –
• John Lennon would have been 81 today.

• I know that you want to stay current in civil matters. A week or so ago Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau, presented the LGBT movement’s replacement new proper name; “2SLGBTQQIA+”. No joke, look it up.

• The Ambulance repair shop. Notice how they park a little ‘speed-demon’ next to it should an emergency arise.

• Kirstin, this week, celebrated the 50th anniversary of WDW

• Earlier a week ago I spent a couple of hours listening to the Grateful Dead on XM radio. This week I came across this photo of Jerry Garcia (principal songwriter, the lead guitarist and a vocalist with the Dead).

• Three years from now the Vendee Globe 2023-2024 round the world, solo, non-stop race will start. My countdown has begun.

• This evening most of our ‘Nati’ gang will head out to watch FC Cincinnati play Philadelphia. The photo is a view of the pitch from our seats.

Make it a great week. Stay strong. Be mindful to those around you. Best till next weekend.


Some Insights
10 2nd, 2021

Weather wise it’s been spectacular; low eighties, sunny, and no humidity. This evening the rains will come in and the temperature will drop a bit, all announcing that Fall is here. Marcia, never at a loss to celebrate a new season, has loaded the lobby with pumpkins.

The words from the site run by ‘Your Money Geek’ stuck with me; “Review: Don Pablo Coffee is Small-Batch Perfection”. By the smell in the kitchen they are correct. Now a quick break while I fill my pre-heated mug. Yup, I do know how to do it right.

DNA – Earlier in the week waiting in line at the Walgreen Pharmacy several of us guys got to talking. One asked if we ‘popped’ a long-neck since it was “National drink a Beer Day” (celebrating the end of this year’s Octoberfest). I guess that is about the time that Earl, yup, that is the Earl Pitts, jumped into the fray. I happened to be able to record it:

Afghan not in the news – The world community, the civilized nations of the world, stood idly by while centuries of Art and Culture disappear from this nation by a band of lunatic death-cultists. Sahraa Karimi was the Afghan Film Director General; she had directed 30 short films, 3 documentary films, and 1 fiction films as part of her credentials. The photo is of what had been her office, now with its new occupants. The world and U.N. watches ‘progress’ without uttering a peep!

Great insight – this on the current state of learning at our nation’s Universities as CRT and Wokeness runs rampant throughout these institutions. It’s from Dr. Adrian Vermeule who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia, joined the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School, and became professor of law at Harvard Law School (at age 37):

”I don’t think we should be shocked by the intellectual collapse of the American universities. Sure, it happened fast. But sooner or later a system not centered on a substantive view of human ends has no natural defenses against a substantive and passionately imperial ideology.” ~ Adrian Vermeulen, JD, PhD

Apostles – Here are a few names, some you’ll recognize and some you won’t. All but one known as ‘Preacher’; that person has different primary occupation. But, all were or are the snake oil salesmen and I-am-the-way hucksters of their era: Benny Hinn, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Kash Amburgy, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Falwell, Joel Osteen, Rod Parsley, Robert H. Schuller, Kathy Hochul.

The exception has a different primary occupation, but offers the same “I am the way – be my apostle” nonsense; Kathy Hochul governor of New York. Don’t believe me? Here you go:

McKamey Manor – It’s October and Halloween is approaching, Haunted Houses are springing up again. Our neighborhood is always big on any event with opportunity to ‘score’ on yard decorations. It’s begun!

However, imagine a haunted house requiring a 40-page waiver signed by all participants, being subjected to an eight to ten hour fright, creating a safe word to escape early; and be eligible for a $20,000 prize for completing the experience (which to date no one has won).

This Haunted House operates year round in several venues, and has a waiting list of 24,000 people. Employees of the McKamey Manor may “physically assault patrons, waterboard them, force them to eat and drink unknown substances, have them bound and gagged, and engage in other forms of physical and psychological torture.” Oh, and the 40-page waiver signed by participants lists possible risks “which included having teeth extracted, being tattooed, and having fingernails removed.”

The closest Manor to us is in Summertown, Tennessee (population 866). District Attorney Brent Cooper said “the program is legal because people subject themselves to it voluntarily, though participants can withdraw their consent at any time according to Tennessee law.”

Are you ready, able, and willing? Happy Halloween.

President Biden’s photo-op of the week;
Theater at its finest, complete with a stage and movie set complete with fake windows. So the question is, was the ‘nurse’ just an actor or not? Better yet, was the ‘poke’ real or also theater?

Cameras off in scene 1, cameras on and its scene 2. Notice the difference? But then remember people, it’s all about “The Science”!

It was Albert Camus who posited; “The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants”.

Fini –
• It would seem that a new Bond 007 movie will have a woman as the main character. If true, this was spotted on the internet as the movie’s new working title; “On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix”.

• Climate Change over the years. Recognize the monument and ask how we see it different from those who first saw it in 1920?

• Sometimes phrases stand the test of time. Phrases so good that they must be repeated:

• This past week Denmark, Sweden, and Norway removed their Covid-19 restrictions and nothing akin to a Covid passport is required. Scandinavians are living life like normal. Funny, I did not catch anything on this major bit of news on our regular news.

  • Once in a while it’s good to be tall. Yesterday at Aldi’s (where for months on end I’d been waiting find Roggebrood on the shelves) I spotted 9 ‘bricks’ of the wonderful black bread behind some other products on the backside of a top shelf. It’s a true delicacy! Guess what’s now on my breakfast menu?

• Those wondering, yes we did go Apple Picking last Saturday. The question now is, what exactly do we do with all those apples? I can handle two per day. Marcia has already filled a jar with homemade Apple-sauce, and it seems lake we’ve not made a dent in our haul.

Make it a great week. Stay happy. Be graceful and good to those around you. Best till next weekend.