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Morning all; it’s been a cold week, a week where it’s even a bit difficult to stay truly warm. Yes, we have heat, but, with single digit temperatures all around – let’s just say, “it permeates”. Having said that, I’ll pour some hot java.

One thing I should notify you of; later this coming week I’ll be traveling to FL for a brothers gathering. It’ll be a great time for me, but NO Ramblings for you to peruse next Saturday.

Chaos and Mayhem – as our street corner is known I’ve not reported on these past several weeks. I just felt that week after week commenting on Chaos & Mayhem was getting somewhat stale. However, it doesn’t mean that it is a less active place. This photo was from yesterday morning when two police cruisers had our side street shut down after a car tried to take down a tree. The tree won that battle – all because of 2-inches of snow.

Quote of the week – is a traditional Turkish Proverb:

”when a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus”

If it’s not too scary, peruse (noodle) on that a little. Maybe tie it together with this Turkish proverb; “The fish rots from the head”.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – was Thursday, January 27th. I thought you’d appreciate of this piece of history. King Mohammed V of Morocco saved 250,000 Jews living in his nation from certain prosecution and likely a cruel death.

During the WWII Holocaust years, France’s pro-Nazi Vichy regime insisted Jewish citizens in Morocco be reported and marked for deportation.

King Mohammed V resisted. He refused to ghettoize and deport these people saying; “there are no Jews in Morocco only Moroccan citizens.”

Now, that was an example of true leadership! [click; for a thorough history of Morocco and European intervention in the Barbary Coast region]

Truckin’ Through Trudeaupia¹ (Being on the wrong side of history) – Once again, Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada is on the wrong side of history. This time it’s the Freedom Convoy 2022.

Quoting Trudeau at a Press Conference regarding the Convoy; “The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians.

Arriving today in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, will begin to see the first of possibly 50,000 heavy trucks. To give some scope of this event, those arriving from the western portion of Canada had the first ones crossing into Ontario from Manitoba while the trailing convoy trucks had just entered into Manitoba from Saskatchewan – a distance of 300 miles.

Apparently as many as 10,000 U.S. truckers will try to cross into Canada or assemble at border areas on the U.S.A. side to commiserate with the Canadian truckers.

Thousands upon thousands everyday Canadians are cheering the Convoy as it passes while offering hot drinks and foods and braving below 0 temperatures.

Now, the heavy hitters are joining in; in support Elon Musk of Tesla fame, (71,000,000 Social Media followers) Tweeted; “Canadian Truckers rule”.

What was what Trudeau said again; “The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa……….blah, blah, blah”? Yeah right!
(¹) Copied from a headline by Mark Steyn

Filibustering – Our president whom I shall not name; the one who has no core values, the one who acts as a ‘windsock’ – gauging how the ‘wind’ blows.

Here is what I mean. President ‘windsock’ touts his love for people of color. Is that why in 2003 he filibustered for nearly two years fighting the nomination of then – California Supreme Court, Justice Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit?

[If he and others of his Party had not blocked the nomination, Justice Janice Rogers Brown most likely would have been our first black female Justice]

In case you think this was a unique occurrence, he did the same with the nomination of another black Justice nominated for the Supreme Court. To President ‘windsock’ diversity is cool, but only to score points.

The cited occurrences were President ‘windsock’ during his pro-filibuster phase. Apparently he has now shifted that position too. The man is a sham.

James Burnham – (1905 – 1987) was an American philosopher and political theorist. He chaired the philosophy department at New York University, and during WWII led the “Political and Psychological Warfare” division of the Office of Policy Coordination in a forerunner of the CIA. President Reagan awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Amongst a series of books he wrote was the Managerial Revolution (1941).

Similarly to George Orwell he was a visionary. Burnham saw the growth of Capitalism culminating into the dominant world force. But, he also foresaw the demise of Capitalism. His thinking was that wasn’t Socialism replacing Capitalism, but new elite – the Manager.

Just a thought, but can anyone tell me what exactly is going on these days? As of late, exactly what has emerged as a dominant force? Is it government leaders or is it the power exerted by governmental bureaus and business entities? Do they report to anyone? These are solid questions.

Take note, the attached video is pretty detailed but is 15-minutes in length.

Quote to close the week –

… truth, whose mother is history, who is the rival of time, depository of deeds, witness of the past, example and lesson to the present, and warning to the future.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Author, best known for his novel Don Quixote (printed as; “El Igenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha”) this month in 1605.

Powerful insight!

Fini –
• The early death of Nazism was opening the Eastern front (i.e. Russia) in winter. Now we, having scraped our knuckles disastrously while hastening out of Afghanistan (aka the burial ground of nations), we are hovering to do fight with Russia – in winter. “Brilliant” I says sarcastically.

• Tevita has finally been able to text (and with one brother talk) in Tonga. So, he’s finally been able to communicate with family. They are all fine. In fact, his mother in Vava’u mainly got ash, but little other damage.

• Not my original but spotted on-line; “can’t believe that we do not have world peace after changing the name on pancake boxes and syrup bottles.”

• We really have forgotten just how ruthless some regimes were and some still are. The Stalin regime systematically destroyed the Mongolian culture. Queen Genepil (1905-1938) was the last queen of Mongolia. After the death of her husband she was arrested and executed, thereby destroying the last vestiges of what had been Mongolia.

• Barely a week goes by without hearing the phrase “Climate Change”. The narrative is always the same and covers everything – all is caused by Climate Change; and thus all is bad. However, have no fear, everything can be fixed: just pony-up, more taxes!

• This neighborhood (hobbit) house had its cedar shingle roof replaced. I watched the process (progress); 4 guys, 5 weeks.

• Now that we’re having a cold snap, I’ve gotten into a bit of a rhythm. Daily workout using Resistance bands and (trying for three times per week) lap swim events at the gym.

• “Keep on knitting in the free world”, by Marcia

The plan is to head out for Jungle Jim’s where, as part of our current Football glory with the Bengals, we’ll see someone sit in a bathtub filled with Cincinnati Chili. I am told it’ll take 20-gallons in case you’re wondering.

Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and continue swimmingly.

Best till we write again.


Droning on and above
01 22nd, 2022

Morning all; waiting for another minute or two while Mr. Coffee finishes gurgling – very distracting at 4:45. While waiting, let me share this quote:

The greatest lie man has ever told himself is that “not losing” is the same as “winning ~ Josh Denny

There, now coffee is ready, let’s get started.

Tonga news – All week our whole family has been scanning for news from Tonga and the eruption of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano and what is referred to as a “once in a millennium event.’

The eruption was so massive that even astronauts aboard the International Space Station spotted the resulting dust cloud and were able to photograph it.

After attempt upon attempt, all week long, late last evening Tevita and Adrianne finally posted this news: “Update: Tevita was able to talk with his brother and get positive updates on other family members. Still so much recovery, but a relief to know they are safe. Communication is still spotty so keep trying for those eager to hear.”

Don’t stop with your prayers for those in that country and their losses and with thanks for the ongoing rescue efforts.

Only a Drone – We have rules and we have laws. Plus we have the CIA and the FBI. Plus we have the FAA. The FAA? Yup, drone flying over a filled stadium is ‘verboten’ and carries a $30,000 to $50,000 dollar fine. Someone flew over our stadium at last week’s playoff game and got some excellent footage. They haven’t been caught – yet.

Bill our artist friend – Our longtime friend Bill M., now well past age 90, loves the paint ‘Dead Airplanes’ (those of WWII vintage). Bill moved East last year to be closer to his daughter.

But it was Bill who sparked my interest in reading about a painter named Graig Kreindler. See, Graig paints ‘Dead Baseball Players’. Two of his works I thought you might appreciate. One is of Ted Williams when he was a 20-year old rookie about ready to debut at Yankee Stadium.

The other painting is a work in-progress of pitcher Sandy Koufax beginning what would become a no-hitter against Philadelphia in 1964. Wonderful works. Enjoy and appreciate!

Doctors emerging – Covid-19 and the harsh pandemic power grabs with accompanying restrictions had thousands of Doctors, Scientists, and specialists ‘hunker’ down for their own job safety and security – tow that line! Now that much of what was promulgated and now starting to be debunked, these folk are beginning to raise their heads. This from one such individual, Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; “Something is deeply broken with our Covid policy if the more vaccine doses you get in your arm, the more layers of mask you wear, the more restrictions you face.”

Hegelian Dialectic – Look up the definition of; ‘Hegelian Dialectic’. Oh, heck, let me save you a little time. Hegelian Dialectics; “refers to the creation of a problem. The problem creates a reaction. If there is enough fear and hysteria people will not only accept the solution that limits their rights but will actually beg for it”.

Want real world examples? Just look around at civilized nations such as Canada or Australia. The advancing of more and more by authorities often is accomplished by first isolating groups of people who are labeled ‘undesirable’. Past examples include Venezuela, and Germany in the 1930s leading into WWII.

Start thinking of places like Quebec where getting medical attention or even shopping requires showing a “Vaccine Passport”. But here? In our country? This video from NY City and has a 9-year old taken in for trying to gain entry at the Museum of Natural History – without a vaccination card.

Desert – Last evening, facing a very cold night, Marcia made a favorite old Dutch dish: Boerenkool Stampot (Kale Hash) with smoked sausage. Comfort food at its best! What came a little later for desert was a total surprise especially with such a presentation. The best!

Quote of the week – This after a two-hour meandering Press Conference complete with ‘word salad’ earlier in the week:

”Nothing built, nothing is back, and nothing is better” ~ Kam Bree

Fini –
Bernice King; “My mother wasn’t behind my father. Where does that come from?” A reflection on the March from Selma on Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday holiday.

• The Grammy Awards are being moved to Las Vegas. Possibly so that members of this most elite body can avoid California’s Covid mandates which they’ve promoted?

• Our newest teenager is over-the-moon with her new platform shoes, a gift from her BFF, Eliana.

• Barely mentioned in the news is that the other very cold day saw over 100,000 people marching peacefully in DC as part of the annual March for Life. Now that science has advanced and is challenging (actually its ‘negating’) what was known back in 1973, I believe we’re watching the beginning of the end for Roe v. Wade. I am more than glad, especially as a grandparent of a now thriving young person who began her entry into the world at well under 2 pounds. All life is precious, all life matters.

• My favorite ‘Meme’ of the week. This is a classic!

• Growing up I remember climbing around a home being built and jumping from the rafters hitting a board with a nail in it – it went through my shoe and foot. The solution of the era was a cleaning of my foot and watching the little glass applicator of the purple stuff being swabbed about. After a scream, band aids were applied, clean socks put on, and I was sent outside (limping a bit). Was it a different time?

• The Texas synagogue terrorist attack was a 24-hour news story – notice a difference between this and some other ‘attacks’?

• Happy birthday today to nephew Joel. And tomorrow to Cathy. Cathy’s we’ll celebrate with brunch at a nearby Taste of Belgium — I do believe they also have Goetta on the menu,

This afternoon we’ll watch the home team beat some wannabe football players from Nashville.

Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and continue to be connected.

Best till next weekend.

Dirk – droning on

Who Dey!
01 15th, 2022

Morning all. I might as well confess, today I am but a smidgen away from joining the local throngs screaming; “Who Dey”! The hype in this town has reached new heights. This afternoon the Bengals on the playoff road to the Super Bowl are playing the Las Vegas Raiders. Sitting in prime, field level, seats will be Tevita and Vili – too cool!

In the meantime I’m sitting back with a nice mug of morning coffee. I could also be playing a quick word game of ‘Wordle’ to see if I can beat Kirstin, but those three or four of my faithful readers come first (you know who you are).

Prayers for Tonga – During our night Tonga experienced a massive volcanic eruption. The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha?apai volcano – 65-miles away from the capital of Nuku’alofa sent both shock waves and Tsunami waves throughout the region. The plume reached up 55,000feet and the 8-minute eruption was heard as far away as Fiji – more than 800Km away. Also reports of people hearing the sonic booms across New Zealand – 2,300Km distant.

Winter comfort – Mid January and we’re finally expecting a couple of weeks of below average temperatures. Marcia has begun hibernation under an afghan blanket. She suggested that I’d be wise to put on two pair of socks to manage better. Apparently I misunderstood a portion of the ‘how to’.

I did update her on early childhood normality – the concept of taking a hot water bottle to bed. That was both normal and welcome in a home with no upstairs heat. The ‘bottle’ was metal and to avoid burns was filled and dropped into a very large woolen sock. The top of the sock was then tied in a knot.

Her reaction made it seem that I was the only one who remembered this trick. Personally, there are days where I wouldn’t be averse to testing it once more. Apparently she thought that all we did was slide a pan of hot coals under the sheets. The coal thing was done by an earlier generation, we were modern.

The Un-Frozen 5 / 10k – which I did mid-summer gets money to the Cyclones (our minor league hockey team) Foundation. With it I got a game coupon for free admission this past Thursday – which was also $1.00 beer night. Since I couldn’t cajole anyone into coming along I went downtown solo. Had a great night! Had a great seat! Watched a well-played game against Atlanta’s Gladiators; winning by a score of 4 to 1!


Trompe-l’œil – The latest news is that the U. S. producer price inflation jumped to 9.7% in December from a year ago. This is the highest year-to-year increase on record. How obvious that the Administration trying to push us a conceptual illusion, a ‘trompe-l’œil’, touting that this is merely a ‘short lived’ spike, an ordinary (necessary) part of a growing economy. Give me a break!

CDC – Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, MD discussed a new study on the severity of those infected with the Omicron variant compared to the Delta variant:
* 53% less risk of symptomatic hospitalization
* 74% less risk of ICU admission
* 91% less risk of death
* 0 Omicron patients required mechanical ventilation.
Yet, it’s almost impossible to not hear each and every newscast kick start with a swath of doom and gloom Covid gibberish. Yet, many states and provinces continue with their draconian lockdowns and shutdowns.

Quote of the week –

”One idiot is one idiot. Two idiots are two idiots. Ten thousand idiots are a political party” ~ Franz Kafka

Fini –
• Based on a mail received a while back; who is John Galt? The note’s author perceived himself to be a ‘mocker’ of the stupid. Read Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957)

• Remember this name – A&P? There was a time when the great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company ruled the nation’s grocery business. This photo was taken during the height of the Great Depression – 1936, and it appears that the shelves are full. And the reason today’s stores are struggling to keep product is available is?

• Empty shelves caused me to take special note of this quip; “Grandmas everywhere have been living off their ziplocks filled with straws, napkins, condiments, and Splenda and are now laughing at us. My, my, how tables have turned.”

• My daily walks take me round and about the ‘hood. Every one of these walks is an adventure; every one of them explores something different. This truck was spotted about mid-week. Can anyone tell me what gauge caused this ‘little’ ping?

• There was a time when the selling of liquors was prohibited; however, for a penny a machine would dispense anyone a lighted cigarette. Do you get the idea that every generation has its own ‘boogeymen’? Also, it would appear that then as now, reality played little part; it was mostly a way to wield power, a way for some groups to strike a fortune. Do we have a ‘boogeyman’ today? If so can you name it? Please mask up while you reflect.

• I’ve not seen any explanation as to why a new wall is being built around the White House. Seems like some walls can be funded and built – it just matters where.

• After asserting this deeply philosophical insight we can now quote our noble Vice President, Kamala Harris with this gem; “It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day.”

• From the Metropolitan Museum of Art comes this writing board dated from the Middle Kingdom period in ancient Egypt (circa 1981 – 1802 BCE). The teacher’s corrections can be seen as red marks. Some things never change.

That’s all folks. A bit of this and a bit of that. Somethings new and some old.
Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and continue to be connected.

Best till next weekend.

Dirk – the ‘who dey’ guy

01 8th, 2022

Morning all, well into January and our first real taste of winter – mornings around ten yesterday and this morning. However, friends in Canada have it ‘better’. But first a bit about coffee; this week we’ll finish up our coffee test batch number two. The previous Mayan stays in 1st. #6023

Back to weather, I guess that the best way to explain what exactly it is that they (our Canadian friends) are dealing with. Well, just watch this one minute clip, you’ll understand:

Quote of the week –

”You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Russian novelist, philosopher, historian, dissident, Nobel Prize winner, and political prisoner. 1918 – 2008

First of all – This list of individuals, all of whom Solzhenitsyn would have termed; Honey Badgers.

Each of them have been cancelled, silenced, or marginalized in the media and on Social Media for disseminating Covid19 ‘disinformation’. These aren’t just ordinary ‘blokes’ such as yours truly. These are people who are operating in their field of expertise and understanding. Nevertheless, since their views are at odds with the currently accepted ones, therefore they’ve been cancelled.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, British and served as the chief scientist and vice-president of the allergy and respiratory research division of Pfizer. Dr. Peter McCullough; internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M. known for being one of the top five most-published medical researchers in the United States and is the editor of two medical journals. Dr. Robert Malone; the primary innovator of mRNA vaccines and one of world’s foremost experts on messenger mRNA therapeutics – having invented the field in 1988. Dr. Karry Mullins (1944 – 2019); the inventor of the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) who won in 1993 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Dr. Luc Montagnier; 2008, was jointly awarded a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi for their discovery of the HIV virus. 

Alongside these folk we’ve watched similar actions taken on a, then, sitting President as well as members of Congress. Are these individuals correct in their assertions? Maybe, maybe not, but in a nation which touts and lives by its Constitution, then places FIRST on a list of Amendments one touting Free Speech; the Freedom to discuss and be heard should be paramount.

Cancel culture is real. I see it on line, in national and local political discourse, even down into the neighborhood scuttlebutt and within families.

Now that the New Year is here, possibly add a couple of New Year’s Resolutions.

1st. – Push back whenever you encounter ‘group think’ and what Dr. Malone terms; “mass formation psychosis”.
2nd. – Then grab a coffee to discuss with someone you deem knowledgeable and who opines views differing from your own fast held beliefs. Open doors to insights you’ve not seen before. Live on.

Built around 1927 – When I was 7 or 8 my dad took me on a flight around my hometown of Enschede in The Netherlands on a Ford Tri-Motor airplane (built around 1928). I remember my mother saying she was afraid and didn’t care to go.

The Ford Tri-Motor was the first all metal passenger airplane. I remember the one I rode on had seven seats, which were made out of rattan. As a kid what struck me was climbing the aisle up-hill to make it to my seat. I don’t really remember much more of the flight other than the ‘climb’ and the ‘rattan’. That was my very first airplane ride, funny what sticks in one’s memory banks.

The embedded video is of a short flight over the Long Beach, CA harbor in one of the 7 or 8 still certified to fly Ford Tri-Motors out of the just over 190 made.

The black ocean liner with the three yellow and black smokestacks seen in the video of the Ford Tri-Motor flight is the old Queen Mary – now a museum in Long Beach, CA. The reason I mention it is that years ago I met up with a customer from Taiwan and took the group out for dinner at the Winston Churchill room, a restaurant on that Ocean liner. The restaurant was a very fitting setting as the liner itself dated near the end of the Edwardian era. Then afterwards took the whole group on a tour of the old Cold War Russian submarine docked adjacent the Queen Mary’s bow as part of the museum’s collection. 

U.S. Holocaust Museum – “Light is in us, even if we have no eyes” were words written by Jacques Lusseyran (1924 -1971). Born I and living in Paris he was blinded in a school accident at age 7. During the 1930s he began to study German from radio listening as a way to better understand what was happening in Germany. As the war began he formed a Resistance group in Paris. In 1943 he was sent to Buchewald concentration camp where he continued his resistance efforts while a prisoner. Of the 2,000 French and German similarly sentenced individuals only 30 were liberated 15-months later in 1945.

What made him this week’s focus? To display that whatever life has dealt you, there is always opportunity to make the world a better place. 

Tooting – May I toot my own horn a bit? A couple of days ago Strava (an App I use with my west coast family to track my walks and workouts) sent me the accumulated totals for 2021. TOOT TOOT 

Fini –
• Can you figure out whose grave this is? Hint; it’s located in the NY area. Answer can be found at the very bottom of this ‘Ramblings’. 

• German Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke: “A technology that leaves behind dangerous waste…..cannot be sustainable”. Ms. Lempke, please note that the photo shows a disposal (read: burial) site of discarded wind-farm turbine blades; thought you’d be interested. 

• It’s been a long time since I saw the first Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope movie. It wasn’t so much the scene as it was the soundtrack accompanying Darth Vader’s inspection of the amassed Stormtroopers which added to the visual. Glad that our 28th Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin III reminded me just how powerful that scene was: 

• I came close to performing another ‘faceplant’ when I hooked up to the kid’s new Oculus Quest 2 over Christmas. A 3-D exploration of the International Space Station module was right up my alley. When the alternate reality really kicked in I quickly became a confused panic ridden mess teetering on my feet. This week I spotted a photo which proves that I am not the only adult severely affected by Oculus. 

• Part of Marcia’s Birthday celebration was the renewal of her driver’s license. She passed! She will also be setting up an appointment with our favorite vision center. 

• This week at our nearby bookstore I spotted a couple with whom Marcia had worked years ago. I showed Marcia the photo I snapped of them and asked her who those people were, she had NO idea. Oh how we age! 

• This week Tevita saw one of the best NFL games of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs against our Bengals. The Bengals won with a field goal with 1 second on the clock, and thus secured their division’s First place. Lucky you Tevita!

And so ends a week of 1sts.
Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and continue to be connected.
Best till next weekend.

Dirk – a rattan memory man

Answer: Glenn Hughes was ‘Bikerman’ [aka ‘Leather Daddy’] 
of the group The Village People

Happy New Year!
01 1st, 2022

Morning all, and are we ready for this New Year? 2021 was somewhat of a mess for many of us. With some purpose and perseverance I believe that 2022 can be much better.

The past week had the whole family together except for Marin who had to self-quarantine (due to a house-mate’s positive test). The week was glorious and fun; lots of laughter, chatting, and sharing (with a drink now and then). And, as a bonus, I even got to drive my “Duck” around the block.


Time does fly doesn’t it? – 2022 is now here and the ‘80s weren’t just 20-years ago, the time of Disco and long hair was 40 years back. People born in the year 2000 are now 21. There are millennials walking the street who at age 40 are parents and possibly soon to be grandparents.

In movies, the original epic movie, Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope written and directed by George Lucas is now ‘graying’ at 45 years of age. Even the, then, state of the art James Cameron movie, Avatar, has been around for 12 years.

First of all – I’ve declared the pandemic over. Sure a few cases here and there (mostly mild and with a 99.85% survival rate), but it’s over. The trick is to get the politicos and vast bureaucracies on board. That will be the trickiest part.

The constant focus by (mostly Democratic but also a number of Republicans) Governors, the main media, and our very own self-sacrificing Dr. Fauci on the infection rate has become meaningless malarkey. Focus on the low death rates. We really don’t need this “fear’ game to continue.

As you can see it was the ‘Nati’s own, Procter & Gamble, the parent company of Vicks brand’s NyQuil which has provided the much sought solution. This is a simple over the counter item. It’ll ensure that we’ll not have to get on our knees to beg for early symptom medicines such as Ivermectin or even Monoclonal antibody treatments.

Couple that with all the Etsy style ‘Ma-‘n-Pa’ businesses which came out with a vast array of their own answers and responses.

Phony Baloney – is the constant stream of anti-science nonsense pushed at us via ads and news. Me? I am going to sit back and watch the showdown between the hot debates raging with the dozen or so versions of Dr. Fauci (satire from The Bee). Really, these are a hoot.

While that debate rages on, Social Media promotes their flavor of the day drivel. This past week Twitter suspended the account of Dr. Robert W. Malone. Who is Dr. Malone, so easily canceled by some nerdy corporate geek? Dr. Robert W. Malone just happens to be the inventor of mRNA technology. Why cancelled? Twitter felt he was spreading “misinformation” about Covid19 vaccines. What exactly did he tweet? This is the piece:

Dirk’s advice – If you’re able and willing to stand for hours in winter weather just to get a Covid19 test to see if you’re sick and therefore are a proper ‘dues-paying’ member of our noble pandemic world, then you’re probably not sick; at least not with Covid19.

The U.N. in a steep dive – Today, Saturday January 1st, the 2022 U.N. Human Rights Council is starting with an array of member nations:
10. Pakistan
9. Mauritania
8. Qatar
7. Somalia
6. Russia
5. Libya
4. Cuba
3. Eritrea
2. Venezuela
1. China

I think I know which nation, and which nation only, will get hammered throughout 2022 by the ‘Council’ for supposed Civil and Human Rights abuses; Israel. Anyone placing bets?

108 Sun Salutations – Today Kirstin is participating with a large group of Yoga instructors to provide 108 Sun Salutations as an entry into the New Year. These are done 108 times to bring luck for special occasions such as New Year.

Why 108? In numerology, 108 equals 9, which symbolizes universal love, eternity and awakening. In Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred points on the body. In astronomy, the distance between the Sun and Earth is roughly 108 times the Sun’s diameter. Mala bead necklaces have 108 beads, which are used to count during meditation. Here is the sequence for each repetation:

Fini –
• As a final ‘kick in the pants’ by the ‘Old’ year, yesterday it was announced that at the wonderful age of 99, the ‘ageless’ and iconic Betty White passed. Did you know that during World War II she served in the American Women’s Voluntary Services?

• Capitalism has only been around a short while. Systems prior to the “Big C” had most folk stay in forced poverty while a few could amass fortunes through theft, family, looting, plundering, and enslavement or servitude. With Capitalism it’s possible to also gain wealth by serving our fellow man.

I had been moving around and about through some historical sites and came across the Tollund Man. Found in a peat bog in Denmark, where he had lain for 2,500 years. So perfectly preserved that this Iron Age man’s fingerprints were still preserved and stubble on his chin totally visible. Based on what was found, the assumption is that he was sacrificed in a ritual, and honored after his death. The short video shows how he was transformed into what he looked like in life. Very informational:

• Tomorrow Marcia will be entering a new year as she celebrates her Birthday. Happy Birthday Marcia and as we ‘march’ on life’s path, no matter how old we get, always remember to stay young at heart and make every year count. Love you.

Have a wonderful week and stay positive. Make 2022 a great New Year

Best till next weekend.

Dirk – packer and storer of much Christmas decorations