Morning all; on the verge of Spring we have another so-called “bomb cyclone” weather phenomenon. And yes, I did look up whether or not there is such a thing. There is! It’s a winter storm that is created through a process called “bombogenesis”; a storm which will see a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure, plummeting by 0.71 of an inch of mercury or more within 24 hours.

When I talked with Marcia last evening she described it as a “white blanket of death” which had started to fall. That explains it better.

Here in Austin it only turned cold and very windy. All the overwintered plants we took out a week ago are back in the garage. And, oh yes, I only packed clothing for a 60 – 80 degree range; not good!

For those in the path — of the ’bomb’ cyclone I captured some seaside shoreline sounds, magically generated by my little bedside Marpac sound generator. I am hoping that this will improve your mood.

Best project – has been the Doggy Door. If for no other reason than not having to get up every time Piper-the-dog wants to head into the yard. So, this project took center stage early on. Initially it was bit of coaxing to get her to use it; the video below shows her very first attempt. But, by day three she had become a fearless pro. The process was totally satisfying.



Quote of the week –

Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity, and deciding that something else is more important. ~ Mark Manson, author

This week’s quote could be a guide for those fighting for Freedom everywhere, whether truckers in Canada or citizens in the Ukraine.

As I spotted elsewhere: “The spread of communism starts when people are silenced. Free speech is the first freedom citizens lose”.

Fini –

• As a walker, I recently read that the longest continuous walking path in the world is: 22,387Km.

• Probably photo shopped. But these days I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

• Vili had a school project. He studied and then made a class presentation on Bob Dylan. Scored a solid ‘A’. Kudos Vili!

• Dinah has been back on the water training as a member of her rowing team. While walking in Austin, I spotted her competition’s digs.

• Teaching Derek the fine art of grilling, and that adding the right herbs and spices is much more than a good thing. Good times!

  • Surgical instruments from Roman times. These look like they’d be in use today.

  • Now can’t wait for my favorite breakfast; multi-grain toast, loaded with fresh Avocado, and sprinkled with ‘Everything but the Bagel’. 

Best till next weekend – homeward bound on Tuesday.


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