I hope you’re having a great Saturday morning. The following preamble is in deference to our highly esteemed and current Veep. Let me begin these ‘Ramblings‘ with this intro:

It’s dark outside and I am sitting at my, somewhat disheveled, desk – wood with a black plasticized insert. Even though I am not a biologist and realizing we live in ‘fluid’ times, I believe myself to be a male and a father. My pronoun is ‘is’, yes as in ‘is’ (by explanation, I woke up this morning and therefore ‘I is’). This morning I am wearing a light-grey tee with Pink Pony logo and lettering (the tee has been grey all along and was never white).

At this point and to conclude the preamble, please join me with a hearty laugh!

This is all serious stuff and I want you to know I am not making fun.

Let me know if you if you think I did her Veepness justice:

Morning coffee trivia: It appears that currently in the Netherlands, Ireland, and in Canada the groundwork has been laid to kill farming. These nation’s ‘fascist’ dictatorial leaders will struggle to do the same with coffee growers. Really? Struggle? Yes really, since worldwide there are approximately 25,000,000 coffee farmers.

And, with 80% of our adult population wanting to pour a cuppa-Java in the morning (that’s just for the U.S.) the ‘torches-and-pitchforks’ would come out should we be denied.

”Every civilization has been mostly right about its predecessors and rivals, and mostly wrong about itself. Because knowledge can be shared and accumulated over time, each successive civilization has, in bits and pieces, stumbled……(forward).” ~ The Tree of Woe

why have we gone nutso?: What we’re seeing as dominant and screamed proudly everywhere, from newscasts, classrooms, churches, even to the Halls of government is a dominance, a progressivism. The new ‘Voice’ of right-speak – right-thought. Whichever of these ‘voices’ penetrate into your personal world; they believe itself to be right about everything. Likewise these ‘voices’ similarly believe that all which preceded and all who disagree to be wrong about everything.

The ‘voices’ I mentioned are those whose opinions can be freely expressed without push-back, whether it’s at a social gathering, listened to on any MSNBC or CNN broadcast, can be discussed on any campus, proudly promoted at elite gatherings in places such as Davos, the Marxist oriented WEF and WHO. These are the ‘voices’ whose tenets form the core of new legislation and thus a new more ‘perfect’ world.

The ‘voices’ forming our contemporary consensus believes that any disagreement is not just mildly out of step on reality. Disagreement with the current consensus dictates that those opinions are wrong on the fundamentals; our society’s very building blocks would be fractured. They are, in fact, thought to be so out of step that unless the current ‘voice’ and consensus is fully adopted the resultant calamity would lead to society’s ruination.

So, maybe you can cope with some ridicule for expressing disagreement. Possibly you can deal with workplace difficulties expressing your beliefs if these are not in lock-step with the accepted. But, can you survive being told to stay quiet at the family thanksgiving dinner?

Listen to the prophetic speech given by Paul Harvey in 1965 (and updated over time) – this version from probably sometime during the 1990s:

Off to Northern Comfort is a little more than a week and a half away. Hence, next week I need to get serious and make certain that all the ‘i’s have been dotted and the ‘t’s crossed.

The crossing itself is not anymore onerous than it was pre-Covid, it’s just the detail required to get to that point. Canada requires an all be loaded on one’s mobile, ArriveCan ap, and it’s quite detailed. Screw up and Canada’s penalties are beyond just severe.

My food stuffs contain a Costco tray of Kimchi soup. Yesterday I tested one and declared it to be a home-run. So I guess that also means I am just about ready.

the J6-‘insurrection’ show – I’ve followed somewhat since news about this political circus have been hard to escape. Here is how I saw the event progress (as some other sage wrote):
1. “Trump attempted a planned insurrection.
2. Okay, loosely planned.
3. Okay, not planned, but he encouraged it.
4. Okay, he didn’t encourage it, but he didn’t try to stop it.
5. Okay, he did try to stop the violence, but he should have done more, and sooner, during the fog of war”.
And how much is this event costing us the taxpayers?

Fini –

• Dinah is on her way home from San Diego, California. From the stream of photos sent it appears to have been a wonderful time.



• Yesterday, July 29, in 1958 NASA was established.

• A missal in Sallzburg from circa 1478 points out just how artists of that time painted some very strange things. Any thoughts on this detail from “The Dream of the Magi”?

• Canada has begun to provide more detail of the response to Covid and the push for vaccinations. This is compiled from Ontario data.

• I like this quote from a Canadian prairies farmer named Jason: “I’m a 4th generation farmer which makes my kids the 5th. We are not afraid of drought, debt, grasshoppers, hail, bumper crops or poor crops, BSE, blizzards, climate, or markets. What I am afraid of is…..TRUDEAU”.

This past week back in 1793 Maximillien Robespierre was executed in Paris on the guillotine. The same fate he had inflicted on thousands of innocent Frenchmen when he was the key promoter that instrument during the French Revolution.

This past week was Chili Dog Day. The folks at Skyline Chili promoted their “Build your Dinner” during that day (actually it’s ‘week’). Contestants are invited to pick an item from each row and send their answers in for a random drawing.

• Do you realize that we, America, are spending $370billion to reduce carbon emissions, while China has just ordered 300-million more Tons of coal? From The Times, July 20, 2022

• Under the look it up department, Wikipedia caved to the Biden regime by changing the accepted definition of “recession” as a significant business cycle contraction of two-consecutive quarters of decline in economic activity (used since 1974, by economist Julius Shiskin). Then Wikipedia locked the page.

• What it looked like on board ships returning soldiers home to New York at the end of WWII.

• There is little press but realize that in the nations mentioned at the start of the Ramblings that there are thousands of farmers fighting for their very livelihoods, fighting for our food supplies, and bucking oppressive regimes and a rogue WEF.


• Monday Marin starts a new job and I am excited for him. If he lets me detail it after we talk I’ll detail. Till then, you gotta wait.

Later today I’ll be heading for Northern Kentucky to celebrate at this weekend’s Goetta Fest. Marcia struggles with the smell of the stuff as I (occasionally) make breakfast with it. Canada will be my opportunity and I am hoping to find a new recipe or two at the Fest.

Next Saturday there most likely NOT be any Ramblings. Friday we’ll be at the Willie Nelson concert and driving back Saturday morning.

Ciao. Daylight has arrived and with Adrianne and Tevita out of town I have a desperately waiting doggy waiting to be walked. I’ll post ASAP upon completing my duty. Stay strong, stay involved, and stay happy. Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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