Good morning all. Mine is starting off brilliantly. This is due, in no small part, to brother-in-law Donn’s gift of some bottles of Davinci flavoring syrups. Currently I am sitting here, hunting and pecking away at the keyboard, enjoying a spectacular cup of morning coffee now magically transformed into something called Kahulí Caffé. Go ahead and eat your hearts out with jealousy.

What a fine week we had visiting with everyone in Michigan. The distance is far enough where it needs to be a bit of a planned event, and short enough where you feel a bit guilty for not visiting more often. Anyway, I hope that everyone had a Christmas celebration that was as enjoyable as was ours. And, that it was made even more so being surrounded by family.

Yesterday morning, while packing the car for the homebound trip I came to the conclusion that it was bitterly cold. Therefore, it was somewhat surprising when last night I stumbled on a web site, totally legitimate, which offered the very ultimate in ecologically sound cold weather protection gear. Working for a New Zealand company I was not the least bit taken aback that these folk had their “hand” in this venture. Here, have a look:

Marcia and Adrianne are all packed for our New Year’s venture, I am lagging a bit. Not to fear though, bright and early tomorrow morning we will leave and I will be ready. After we got home yesterday I went and picked up a new International Drivers License and a detailed road map of Scotland, this was the last of the logistics, now all is in place for the Pastoor’s big adventure. So, even though I won’t blog it, from Trafalgar Square in London we all wish you a very happy New Year. May peace, health, happiness, and success be yours for 2003.

Happy New Year!



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