Good morning all:

Much celebration this day, not the least of which is that it’s the start of my long awaited holiday. Hold it, I am getting ahead of myself. First, I assume that we’re all celebrating a proper Solstice fest as we greeted the longest night of the year last night. Not a carol in earshot, I am listening to Enya perform her “The Council of Elrond” from the recent Soundtrack disc: Lord of the Rings, to put me into a Solstice kind of mood. Beyond that, I think that the season (retail that is) is doing me in with the tens-of-thousands versions of the most inane Christmas Carols being piped into every nook and cranny, anywhere and everywhere you go – over and over and over.

This week was a bit of a Charlie Brown event. I flew into what proved to be the start of the rains and the winds, a series of storms which blew east; therefore, these then promptly followed me along for the remainder of the week, right back to Cincinnati. What this meant was an array of delayed and canceled flights causing me to “go about my appointed rounds” via three separate airlines plus an unscheduled hotel. I did get the order so I guess it was all worth it.

We do think that Cathy and Jason are about to become the proud owners of their first really major debt – their first house. A few inspections to go and some renegotiating about a termite issue and then it should work. Here are links to some of the pics Marcia took yesterday – click on: front of the house on Sauer Ave, the side yard and view, the kitchen, living room, and possibly the baby’s bedroom. It does look comfy and cozy and it really is them.

Tuesday we are on our way to Michigan where we will celebrate Christmas with Marcia’s side of the family. We’ve been promised that it will be a white Christmas, and I am finally all up to speed with the “in the Christmas mood” thing. This sure is the season of wonder. And, as Edward Young so simply and eloquently put it: “wonder is involuntary praise”. So, with a new sense of awe and wonder, have yourself the very merriest Christmas – this is Marcia’s and my wish for all of you.



PS. Remember, less than two weeks left to tinker with your 2002 taxes.

PPS. For you last minute shoppers, anytime you see something on the shelf labeled “some assembly required”, RUN!

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