Morning all:

A super week capped by more “wintry mix” although is it really a “wintry mix” if its just damp, windy and quite mild?. With this kind of morning I should have hot chocolate in front of me. Alas, it’s only green tea. I’ll join Marcia for a coffee when she starts to stir. With the coffee I’ll be better able to manage with the cats – see below. Cathy and Jason are in town for the weekend. With their new status having family nearby is important, and yes, they are eying Cincinnati once again. Marcia has been combing every highway and bi-way looking for a proper (i.e. the right price and look) piece of property. By Wednesday she just knew it was a complete disaster – 1 house with dead birds in the bedroom (the ad read, “roof needs updating”). But today? SUCCESS! Later this morning they have 6 pieces of property to traipse around. Good luck guys, I’ll stay home and watch the cats.

You just have to see Vince and Kirstin’s updated site, complete with more of Kirstin in full bloom. I wrote them WOW on both fronts – and I thought it a cute pun, oh sure, go ahead and groan. Anyway, just hit the link middle left on this page for a direct and quick connect.

Adrianne has been on cloud nine all week. She is one of ten students selected to go on a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Costa Rica. This project is designed for students majoring in International Business. Being selected as the one outsider (Social Work) ahead of other applicants was a very nice ego booster. Anyway, right across from this note is an icon with her picture; click it to get some more detail, especially on how you can get involved.

This evening Marcia and I head for the annual company Christmas party. My little Santa Claus socks and tie are already neatly laid out on the bed. What does that say huh? Maybe something like, “get a life Dirk”. It’s been two weeks since I have been on the road so this coming week it’s off to Dubuque. Actually, I really don’t have a clue how to get there. All I know is that it’s via several little airplanes making several stops, I think that Chicago and Minneapolis form part of the loop. When the travel agent makes apologies rest assured that it really is not on a direct route to anywhere. On that cheery note it’s off to fixing a serious bowl of steaming oatmeal, I’ll just forget about that Splenda stuff and pretend its gobs of brown sugar on top.

Have a great week.



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