Remember when a couple of years ago everything was a “system”? Look to buy an envelope and you had to scour for a “shipping system”? Now it’s something new. After years of wrong and goofy forecasting the weather gurus on TV have come up with a politically correct and all-inclusive term – “wintry mix” and this is all the new hype. No longer is it sleet, its a “wintry Mix”, no longer is it a cold rain, its a “wintry mix”. I know from shopping experiences what a “bread mix” is. From my College bartending days I know what a Margarita or a Bloody Mary mix is. I do not have a clue what a “wintry mix” is. Nice weather with pollen – a “Springly mix”? Hot sunshine with a three PM quick afternoon shower –a “summer mix”? Give me a break!


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