A slight bit of embarrassment creeps across my face. Yesterday was one of those points in time where everything seemed to demand attention at the same time. To some, attention was given in exemplary fashion, others, here is the embarrassment, got slighted a bit.

* I needed to work on the largest presentation/demo in the last 10 months for a Wednesday event. I did fine on this front, straight A.

* Kirstin had her birthday yesterday, I remembered but not in any spectacular fashion. Give myself a D+ on that one.

* Cathy and Jason came back into town and we all helped them move into their very own home before the freezing rains were to come in. I schlepped the heavy boxes with books. Good job Dirk, A-.

* Work budget numbers for the year. Here I am hopelessly behind. Give myself a very solid C-.

There you have it, today’s vote is in and what you have here is my scorecard. By the way, this is the new address for Cathy and Jason:

Cathy and Jason Pastoor-Rafales

2214 Sauer Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45219

(513) 241-4112

I am so ready for the Holland trip next week.



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