Good morning all:

With the cold I have now resorted to starting my Saturday morning with a cup of Jack Daniels flavored coffee. Not bad stuff! My current read, “Empire of the Bay: The Company of Adventurers That Seized a Continent” describes the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company and relates just how tough those early fur traders had it. Life in the late 1700s in places like Fort Churchill and Fort York they faced 9 months of winter and kept hatchets inside the living areas to chop away the ice which would ‘grow’ on the inside walls of their dwellings – sometimes a foot thick. We really have nothing to carp about. As an aside, with the Treaty of Utrecht between France & England, the Hudson Bay Company effectively controlled and managed one twelfth (1/12) of the earths land mass. A great read y’all.

My old high school science teacher has once again proven himself correct. There was a time when my cohorts and I were able to make his daily grind a living hell. If he could only know that some of his wisdom actually hit home. For example: his concept that heat rises. Always remembered that bit but now, by actual example, I know he was absolutely square on. In fact it is not only air but also other things that can exist either hot or cold. Take for example the substance of water. Here, let me explain in a bit of detail. In our house, at this very moment, water has been brought up to a very nice temperature in the water heater, and is made available upstairs for hand washing and showers, etc. However, downstairs for things such as washing the dishes there is nary a drop. See, all the hot water rose leaving the downstairs pipes to sit idle and freeze.

Tomorrow we are off to a Superbowl party. I love the Superbowl, since, as Napoleon wrote, “From the sublime to the ridiculous there is but one step.” I actually like football but not enough to really watch it – except for the Superbowl. All this puts me at a distinct disadvantage, when asked who I am picking to win then how do I answer? So I have subscribed to a formula, not original by me mind you, but one espoused by others that just makes plain sense to me. To apply it all that you need to do is create two lists, one for each team. Log the arrest records for the various roster members of each team. The team with the longest list will have a distinct edge. The theory being that, for example, if you can beat up on the mother of your child while holding that child you should be able to be better at beating the lights out of the opposition and not drop the ball (this was the actual arrest detail of one of the more stellar players). Based on these criteria the Bucs and the Raiders will come out nearly even, however, there is a slight edge given to the Raiders (one DUI arrest is the margin). Following this formula I am now going with the Buccaneers since I love to root for the underdog. As Shakespeare wrote: “nothing can seem foul to those that win”, see things don’t change over the years.

Quick family update: Marcia, Adrianne, and Dirk all well. I am still very cold from spending the week in the heart of New Hampshire (wind chills of –22 to –25). Cathy and Jason with their way too nice friends Mary and Tony are loading a truck this morning and then the move back to Cincinnati will become official. Cathy’s birthday was yesterday and their house closing will be Monday. Vince is in a father-to-be wait mode, I know this since he is finally able to keep up with his blog. Kirstin will have a birthday on Monday and is in both a wait and increasing the weight mode. There, that’s our newsy update.

Have a great week.



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