Welcome Derek Ryan!

“Absolutely thrilled” is a very understated way of expressing my feelings with the news that Kirstin delivered Derek Ryan Briones. At 9 pounds 6 ounces he is a hunk. Does the word “strapping” apply? Derek is beautiful, mom is in great shape and I am told that dad is hanging in. Actually, Kirstin said that Vince was spectacular helping her through the delivery process.

Now hurry and check their site for pictures. I know that you are anxious to have a look-see. Marcia hightailed it away from frigid Ohio to help out – why then did she pack her bathing suit since the purpose was to “help out”?

Derek, welcome to the family. We love you, and as soon as there is a chance we’ll hug you. Bunches!

Opa Dirk

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