One great morning to you all from here in Amsterdam!

We managed to all meet up together; Pieter, George, and Art, plus yours truly – no mean feat in itself! I’ve already had several ‘Zoute Haring’ (Holland’s version of herring sushi) and Biter Balls – something else which is indescribable but delicious.

The party for Karen and Jacqueline was an ‘event’. Their home is a 16th century place on the Herengraght. Place 70 or so people in a place with 13-foot ceilings, unending supply of wine and about a dozen wheels of various cheeses and things will ‘click’. That is not to miss the Dutch specialty of Erwten Soup (Pea soup) served at the appropriate time as a night-cap preparatory.

For the nightcap it was a ‘must do’ stop at one of the local hashish bars. Good conversation followed – as Alice said when she was about ten feet tall (White Rabbit by Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane). In fact Art felt so good that he went back to the party. The rest of us have turned into old geezers and hit our beds for the first time in 29 hours.

Now breakfast, some glasses of water – forget the coffee, rent the car and it’s off to Rotterdam. I’ll try to get back on later.



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