Ok, so I can’t sleep with excitement. It’s finally happening! The journey starts in the morning. Already packed and this hasn’t happened in years of travel – premature packing that is – does that make a statement or what? Anyway, bro Pieter has all the details on his web page and in much better detail – I think that he is independently wealthy since he has the time to perfect a great site, so check out our adventure in all its spectacular detail via this link: the PASTOORS on line

A quick update on the garage construction, yes neither rain nor sleet, snow nor gloom of night could keep our work-crew away, and, voila. Here are a couple of nice shots. First from our little side street, ‘Leyman Drive’ and then a ‘bit of a closeup’.
We’ll keep you updated.

Some asked the meaning of the caption on the picture below, it’s from the State of Kansas motto, and loosely translated says: To the Stars with dificulty.

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