Good morning from the bachelor pad on Red Bud.

Marcia escaped to warmer climes last Thursday. Later today is the ever important ‘Baby Shower’, ladies, couples, and even complete families will assist in the ‘showering’ of Kirstin. Meanwhile Marcia will be in the background slicing up ever more carrot and celery sticks as she replicates the miracle of the ‘loaves and fishes’.

What is a puzzlement to Marcia is a little known Airline secret. That being, the more places they can fly you to, the fewer competing airlines you can physically fly on and therefore, the more money they will make. Or some scheme very similar to that. Therefore, that is less money they have to charge you. See how all this works? Marcia got her tickets so cheap that United is able to fly her all over the Union under the above noted moneymaking plan. Besides seeing Florida (her real interest) she now also has the opportunity to visit Maryland and Illinois; she is oh so excited. Very clever, and not too shabby for a bankrupt airline, don’t you think?

Tuesday I was traveling and returned to my hotel room near the very end of the State of the Union address. Having missed about 93.5% of the speech it was a bit difficult to walk right in and get up to speed on the actual items of import discussed. I actually caught on very quickly though. Because of all the clapping and jumping up and down by the gathered Importants I quickly got into the swing of things. I just knew that the whole Congress and even our national Supremes were having a grand time of it. By the time I tuned in they had that old Simon says game up in full swing: Simon says war…bam! everyone stood up….Simon says no abortion…stand up…Simon says smoke screen….stand up. My suggestion for the next State of the Union address would be to have everyone in a Lazy Boy recliner hence making it more difficult to rise every other word! Don’t you agree with me that this would make the event a bit more sporting? Of course, ancient replacements for Senator Thurmond would be given one of those ‘as seen on TV’, Medicaid financed, ‘ejection’ style chairs as an equalizer.

Jason and Cathy have moved in, avoiding all the nasty weather in the process. Week one as new homeowners has done them in. Painting, wallpaper stripping, old carpet removal, etc – they are very weary and are near physical wrecks. By now they are probably in agreement that being tenants is a snap in comparison. It’s good to have them about.

Now I best get started on some projects. Any project. Marcia is keeping score. Uhmm, maybe first I need another mug of coffee and a look at the morning newspaper.

Wednesday it’s off to Amsterdam – anticipation rules! Keep you posted.

Have a great week.



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