Hi and welcome to another Friday evening Ramble. Two weeks in a row no less. This time it’s because I’m leaving for Orlando early tomorrow to see Kirstin, Vince, and little Derek. It really doesn’t get any better than that does it.

First off, my prayers go out for the safety of the average citizens in Iraq, those who try to live their lives and are caught up in the turmoil. Secondly, for our President and our troops as they strive to bring the four basic freedoms back into a land that has seen nothing but strife, torture, fear, intimidation, injustice, and humiliation for the past 23 years of fascist rule. Let’s hope that the ongoing negotiation for wholesale surrender of the Iraqi troops accelerates. Please click on “The Week’s Best” button near the bottom for a very powerful Blog. It is a clandestine site that belongs to a young man who resides in Baghdad – some powerful stuff.

My travel concluded nicely, although I hated to leave that Central American weather. Yesterday at 5:00 am I drove Adrianne to the airport for her Habitat for Humanity work in Costa Rica. She was so very excited. As part of the new security procedures we had to have our car searched prior to getting to the terminal areas. I had forgotten that Adrianne’s dog, Shang, was asleep in the back seat. Shang woke up with a startle as the cop was moseying around the car and lunged with all teeth bared. Once the cop recovered (leapt 4 feet back) I calmly asked him if this helped kick-start his morning. He just grunted.

Now I should get some coffee to help me stay awake so that I can pack and get myself organized. Have a great weekend and a great week.



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