Morning all:

Here we go, coffee – properly fortified with just the right amount of Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolate syrup – in hand. Early this week proper and ongoing dialogue with my barrister, a senior partner at the firm of ‘Wiel, Dou, Yu, Inn, and Howe’ proved fruitless. They were unable to keep Marcia’s ‘grandmother-in-the-role-as-slave-in-Florida’ status intact. Therefore, last Tuesday evening I dutifully drove to the airport with Cathy and Jason as escorts to retrieve Marcia. She tumbled out of the terminal building loaded down with heavy stacks of great photographs most of our new new joy, Derek Ryan.

The weather has turned a bit in Cincinnati and the garage construction jumped into high gear. The roof membrane is on and the concrete flooring poured. As a safety measure, last night they had a ‘torpedo’ style space heater running all through the night ensuring that the concrete cures properly. This is all fine and dandy except for those of us who travel for a living. I’d wake up throughout the night, each time a bit startled thinking my plane had just begun its take-off roll. However, all I’d hear was just Marcia snoring and that awful “Truckin’ Bozo” show cranking along in the same cadence as her snores. Talking about travel, the Brits have a fine site for travel advisories that is substantially better than the one maintained by the US State Department – if anyone is heading out of country have a look. Day after I’ll be off for Brazil. First it’s an overnight into Sao Paulo and a straight transfer for a flight into the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul and Porto Alegre. At this point, after two hours in a car to a small town called Farroupilha, it’ll be home for the night. I am supposed to have an afternoon meeting upon arrival – we’ll see about that.

Here are a few bits and pieces. February’s Gas and Electric Company bull (spelling by design) was almost three times the mortgage payment on our old house in Hyde Park. Last week I forgot to mention that I did manage to get another one of my ‘best haircuts ever ‘ on my Mexico City trip. One hundred and twenty Pesos and I was in the chair for forty minutes, ten of which were taken up with a scalp massage – heaven! Supercuts, beat that if you can! Music this week is to get me mentally ready for my trip, have a listen. Also take a look at the ‘Week’s Best’ link below. You’ll find a web site that carries a stunning collection of black and white photographs of various occupations that have vanished over the last decades.

Have a great week



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