Morning all:

Seven in the morning and I’ve already had two coffee and talked with brother-in-law Paul for an hour and a half. But more on that in a bit, first off, good morning.

Quite the week at this end. Adrianne finally got her Christmas gift from two years ago and Marcia got her Mother’s Day gift a little early. They promptly spent it by attending last Thursday’s performance of

Disney’s The Lion King
If you really want to know how the performance was just give either of them a call. One warning – make sure that your phone bill is paid up since you’ll be on for some time. Get either of them cranked up and they’ll talk your ear off – right down to “how marvelously the eyes moved on the Lion masks”, etc. From what I can gather is that from any aspect the performance was fabulous.

While on the subject of Adrianne, she has played the season on my company’s coed indoor soccer league – the Kiwi Komets. This team has gone from perennial basement dwellers to league champions. So for us, the cheering section, this changed the rules drastically from being there to pick up the bruised egos to actually cheering winners.

Last night Paul arrived with his truck and 3300 pounds of specialty mats which will form the decking for our new deck. The material his company imports from Germany and is made from recycled tires. Just think George, walking on a deck made up out of Michelin tires! It looks to be great stuff and absolutely no maintenance – something I love. In a bit, some breakfast, and then lifting a solid ton and a half off the truck and up onto the deck. I’ll post some pictures later. This evening, in anticipated celebration it will be dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steak House.

Now it’s “hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to working the deck I go”. Have a great week!



PS. Look at a picture of little Derek – 15 pounds at his two-month checkup!

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