Yowza Yowza, what a Saturday I had. Jim Wallace and Carolyn Rafales invited me to join them at GEAE’s (General Electric Aircraft Engine group) Family Day 2003 open house. Everything in this massive aircraft engine-manufacturing center was open for touring. What an amazing sight to see the assembly lines with engine after engine in various stages of production.

This is a view of what their newest engine, the GE90 looks like:

This beast is about 12’ in diameter, 24’ long and weighs 8.4 tons. The engine is “specifically designed for the newly configured long range Boeing 777, the GE90-115B recently set a new world record for thrust totaling 127,900 pounds.” Considering that the mainstay CF6 engine which is heavily used on Boeing’s long range B747 and B767 including Air Force One produces between 40,000 and 72,000 lbs of thrust then the difference between the two becomes apparent. Thanks so much Jim and Carolyn!

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