I am feeling pretty A-OK this morning, and not just because I am sitting here enjoying my excellent cup of java. That of course is part of it. In my case, oh shout it out Dirk: “woo” “woo”, it is because I got my taxes done. Some of you might snivel an aside with something like, “nothing like waiting till the last minute”. OK, so procrastination, when it comes to taxes, is part of my psyche, but in this case it just heightens the feeling of victory. So there.

What a week it has been as the stunning images from of Iraq filled the airwaves and the press. What caught my eye was this simple picture and its caption, for it sums it all up:

“Shiites in Basra were able to pray on Friday without fear that Saddam Hussein’s forces would listen in.”

That photo, after having just read Eason Jordan’s – chief news executive at CNN – stunning Editorial/Op-Ed piece The News We Kept to Ourselves, brought tears to my eyes. I suspect that we’ve only just begun to see the surfacing of the scope of the unimaginable horror that regime inflicted on its own people.

A video-phone segment from Iraq had Martin Savidge, one of CNNs embedded reporters, in a fox hole with some troops. He’d secured permission to allow the guys with him to call home on his phone. The first one said: “Sir, if you wouldn’t mind could I give my time to my Sergeant, his wife is expecting in a couple of weeks.” The second two said: Sir, if you don’t mind, we’d like to use our time to call the parents of one of our buddies who died a few days ago.” Before his voice gave out a choked-up Savidge could only mutter: “where do they find these kids?”. God bless our troops!

Last Sunday I was in Chicago for some long meetings. Monday morning I woke to a “Winter Wonderland” as I stared at a good four inches of snow from my hotel window. And here I thought that spring had sprung.

Since I have been around the house a bit more these last couple of weeks we’ve had the pleasure of sitting Adrianne’s dog Shang a good bit and therefore walking him around the neighborhood. Actually I know that this is true for now when I go for my daily 2-mile walk I find myself snapping around, stopping, and sniffing here or there. Marcia seems to think it is just because the Lilacs are in bloom.

Have a great week!



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