During the night, twice over, the heavy weather sirens went off. Then I woke up as hail was pounding the house. Now a little male Cardinal is jumping around our crabapple tree. Ok, the morning coffee is parked at my side so let’s ramble. Finally, a full week without travel. It really is good to be home now that the weather has turned. I guess it’ll be a bit of a potpourri for this post (mish-mash for those in Davis, CA).

Traveling for several weeks straight caused me to watch much more TV than normal – part of having ‘hotelroomitis’. And of course with the war it was constant high-speed surfing through the various news channels – you do know that it’s a male thing. The television talking heads somehow managed to keep up their barrage of banter. I knew that reports were confusing but I had no idea that Rivera could have a report on a reporter on where he will be reporting after a certain report was reported to reporters could be so confusing. I did notice great similarity beyond just their flapping mouths – a bit of web surfing and I discovered that to be a successful anchor being blond is a must.

Jason and his elders have differing opinions on the necessity of the Iraq conflict – 180°. And of course we are both certain that each is on the correct side of the debate. I, for my part, am really a member of the large silent majority (the chicken little syndrome). Jason and Cathy on the other hand have been more vocal (Jason’s first foray as a news photographer).

Adrianne has returned safely from Costa Rica and her Habitat for Humanity project. She loved the country and the people. She also broke her back working five days with a pickaxe digging the foundation for the little house they were putting up. She felt that they did in five days what we would accomplish in a morning – oh, the wonders of power tools. Even when mixing and pouring the cement it was done right on the dirt with buckets of water. But then, how often do you get to see white-faced monkeys and toucans in the trees overhead? She thanks everyone who supported her with their thoughts and contributions on this wonderful project. By the way, her 4.0 GPA last semester is nothing to sneer at.

The new garage is far enough along to where I have used it the last couple of nights. Next is an evaluation process for a new car since the Acura lease is about up. I think I might just have found the car that matches my style exactly, made in Holland it offers the panache I have been looking for. Can’t you just see me negotiating the morning commute in this little beauty?

Continuing the mish-mash, do you know what was celebrated in South Africa this week? With a celebration of such magnitude how can our own April 2nd. “Paraprofessional Appreciation Day” even compare?

The “Week’s Best” button links to probably the most in-tune news site available. It runs out of Israel and has direct connects to the wonderful world of espionage, with all news and minimal spin.

Have a great week. Pray for our President, the troops who are in harms way and the innocents in Iraq for their well-being, safety, and the hope that a free and open society for Iraq will result in short order – apparently a new Iraqi shadow government is already in place and being coordinated from Dearborn, MI. Enough already, first breakfast and then I’ve gotta get started on the taxes.



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