Happy Saturday to you. This post is a little later than normal, even though I have been rummaging about since 5:30 this morning. Today was the big and long awaited Kiwiplan Company Golf Tournament, complete with temperature in the mid 50s (12.5C), consistent winds around 35-40 mph, and some rain. All perfect weather to be in the great outdoors. I left the house at six thirty to enjoy all this wonder and frivolity since I had been pegged for scoring and other related duties. Not that I am complaining mind you, but now that the merry month of May is “histwah” (as a conservative radio host tends to say) – this is late October weather, did I miss summer?

The week went quick and with contrasts. Throughout the week I had conversations with several groups, culminating in a very lengthy conference call that included individuals on several continents. Since I had been the organizer and since all went well, as can happen, my head did a bit of swelling. Exactly one hour after the call ended I had swung by the house, wolfed down some dinner and was laying underneath Cathy and Jason’s toilet, as it needed replacing. Nothing like a little toilet work to bring you down to earth and put into place a more humble spirit. Life is somewhat self-correcting isn’t it? By the way, the report back is that the new “throne” is functioning beautifully.

Kirstin and Vince have a spectacular movie of little Derek on their web site, need a direct link? Well here you go. Here are a couple of pictures. Our deck in full use is one.The other is a nice shot of a very blossoming Cathy and smiling Jason. The evening that these were taken we played Mexican dominoes till dark, on the deck with some nice music in the background. We all agreed that these times make for the best of times.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



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