It’s a great morning; it’s very quiet out there with an occasional flash of lightning, no thunder, and mostly light rain tapping on the skylight, every so often the rain then switches into a short downpour. I’ve got to confess I love this stuff. Especially so since I have nothing urgent to do and can sit here and drink it all in, while enjoying our new “private brand” coffee. Yes sir, it’s good.

Yesterday it was different though – Bad Friday, bad, bad (and it wasn’t even the 13th).

Weekend, what took you so long?

Sometimes there is an omen. Mine started with my backing out of our brand spanking new garage. The simple maneuver of backing the car went horribly, awry. It would seem simple enough but for some reason the new retaining wall kept inching closer. My efforts to ONLY use the mirrors did absolutely nothing except make it worse. I finally had to back out at a near impossible angle (and we all know HOW FUN that can be considering a seemingly small DEPTH PERCEPTION issue). I eventually managed this normally simple maneuver, but it sure started me on some not-too-solid footing.

The rest of the day was a great big nothing and that was the problem. One of those days where nothing you do feels like an accomplishment. Calls that were scheduled did not happen, some stuff that which needed writing up became a struggle, etc., etc. You know what I mean for I guess we all have days like that. It was just that I expected more. Thank you weekend for being here when I need you most!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms; celebrate it well tomorrow. For our part, Marcia was “thrilled” with her gift, which consisted of watching the US men’s soccer team play Mexico on ESPN2 over at our neighbors last Thursday evening . It was a true grudge match since we beat Mexico in the World Cup. My neighbor told me that it was brilliant, it never occurred to him that you could actually place the evening into the “gift” category. I’ll take my bows now, thank you very much.

The front half of the coming week will be spent with some visitors from Germany. We’ll be in Wisconsin so I probably should spend a little time this weekend practicing my repertoire of German “Bier Stubbe” drinking songs. I just want it known that I refuse to sing solo, karaoke style. Lastly, one of my favorite weblogs is from a Salam Pax who is a resident of Baghdad. He wrote daily leading up to the war and then went silent for three weeks. Two days ago he got connected again and keyed in the written journal he’d maintained. It is worthwhile reading this log written from an man-on-the-street perspective.

Have a great week,



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