Good morning all, hmm, that first cup of morning coffee always tastes great doesn’t it? If you remember, last Saturday brother-in-law Paul swung by with his truck full of decking. Between Marcia, Paul and myself we got the main portion of the deck down in about 2 hours. The corners and edging took another 2 since each piece had to be measured and cut. Somewhere during this process there was time to actually sit down on the new surface and enjoy an adult style drink. Adrianne made it over for the latter.

We had enough energy left over to hightail it downtown for a steak dinner. Great food, great service, and surrounded by teenie-bopping prom-night-out kids with dad’s credit card. The guys looking miserable in their tuxes, the gals horribly overdone in their over-the-top prom dresses, and Paul and I taking it all in with a proper cigar at the bar – us old leering geezers (Marcia was also leering although no cigar for her – she was begging the bar-maid for a cigarette).

By the way, the deck looks great! The only incident (actually it was a death) occurred when a six-point buck walked into Paul’s truck 8 miles from our house as he was heading back home Sunday morning. Truck 1 (fur on bumper) – Deer 0

Also on Sunday I was off to SARS country (Vancouver, Canada)

for a meeting, I do love that place. Actually, unlike Toronto, SARS did not appear to be much of an issue in Vancouver. I did walk around with a silly grin on my face when on occasion I’d pass someone wearing a facemask while talking on his or her cell – a great fashion statement. I love the way that the media hype starts to push the public into frenzy over what is really quite a minor outbreak of another version of the flu.

Last weekend Jason went to Columbus. He and a couple of friends attended a weekend-long SciFi movie weekend. A solid – 24 hours nonstop – weekend of ‘B’ grade science fiction movies – it sounds so bad that it was probably really a fun thing to do. Anyway, this week’s background music is in celebration of this event.

I have been cleaning up my junk mailbox from all the Spam it collects. I realized that my life would be much more complete if only I would check my junk mail more often. Here’s what I’ve been missing:

I can have bright and white teeth today

I can have a Gold card – actually many

I can make love like a teen (who’d want to, I remember teen years)

I can look 21 again (ok, not so bad on this one)

I can have another Platinum card

I can get my BA, Masters, or PHD without schoo

I can burn fat faster

I can win a digital camera

I can have the smallest waist in history

I can resolve IRS and State tax debt

I can get a new dental plan

I can get a new septic tank cleaner

I can acquire additional Ooomph

I can increase my implement (implement?)

I can double my dimensions (ohhhh)

I can learn how to use my penis like it’s suppose to be used (finally!)

I can watch ‘booty being shaken on cam’

I can ‘see why they call her Hoover’

And a whole array more that are so crude I won’t post them.

Spam can be entertaining when you let it accumulate! However, please develop better Spam filtering – and hurry! Have a great week.



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