Afternoon all:

It’s a little later for my usual “get up” time Saturday rambling, a small penalty for a long day yesterday. Plus a whole bunch of early morning “gabbing” with everyone over some great coffee also slowed things a bit.

With clear morning skies the cabin looked as great as ever. Company here is superb and already most of the problems of the world we have managed to solve – thanks to a solid “Makers Mark” as soon as the sun crept over the yardarm, accompanied by a Habana built Romeo y Julieta (for those in California who follow all the rules, these are completely legal here in Canada). I don’t think that life gets any better. By the look of things I thought that one of the first pieces of business would be the launching-of-the-boat and the unloading of the quadrunners. Here it is 5 o’clock and everything is still on the trailer – I do think that the unwinding has started to take place!

A recent read, “Unready to Wear“, Kurt Vonnegut’s short story from Welcome to the Monkey House. A book about a new technology in which all citizens are released from having to stay in their bodies. They spend most of the time existing as pure consciousness free from all the restrictions of the body. Most people eschew ever wearing their bodies, except for fun or ceremony. For these occasions, special pimped out bodies are stored. In typical Vonnegut fashion, hilarity and absurdity are part and parcel of this tale. Later you realize what a carefully considered story it is. A specific area of the new ease is not having to feed every few hours. This story came to mind now that I am starting to smell the beginnings of a great dinner here out in the cabin on the lake as being totally unacceptable.

Cathy and Jason are now seriously into the waiting mode having finished their childbirth classes. Adrianne is embarking on her busiest summer ever between school and her internship. Then there is the gang in Florida where one cute picture after cute picture of little Derek emerge on their web site. Here at the cabin Marcia is already on craft project number three. Me, I think I’ll continue by closing my eyes and just snoozing for a bit – as soon as I swat that pesky mosquito. Have a great Fourth, Zzzzzzzzzzz.


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