Save Somebody’s Life Day! AKA – The Garage Sale!

First, you might say, “whoa” Dirk, “today is the first day of summer, shouldn’t that be celebrated?” Sure it should, but first things first. Ours is one of catering to all those poor derelict folks who get up at the crack of dawn every weekend to scavenge through stacks of junk scattered about peoples front yards. Utter and useless garbage is almost fought over, and eagerly sought, these folk are truly desperate. So yes we are saving someone’s life, decrepit a life though it might be. Our way of saving a life is cater to their need through “The Garage Sale.”

I know that there are other ways to save somebody’s life, here are some of them:

Give to the American Cancer Society.

Cure obesity.

Warn someone who’s about to go to bed with a stranger: “That dude has AIDS.”

When you see a baby rolling down the middle of the street in a pram, hit the brakes.

Don’t buy drugs. Weed funds terrorism.

If someone’s about to walk into a lamppost, sprint and dive into his mid-section, tumbling him away from the pole. Or if his name’s Raphael, shout “Raphael! Look out for the post! There, right in front of you!”

Successfully perform emergency surgery on somebody.

But, ours is to have a garage sale.

Happy Save Somebody’s Life Day, AKA Garage Sale Day!

Me? I will hide behind a line of barbed wire away from the maddening crowd and read my book. Have a successful sale Marcia.

By the way, since Adrianne is in Florida visiting sis, brother-in-law, and new nephew I wish them all a spectacularly wonderful time!

Have a great week.


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