Good morning to all:

Already there is a full mug of very fresh brew sitting next to me, a robin sat for a moment in the windowsill, and my neighbor was quickly led by his three dogs past the front of our house. The steamy air is a good signal that things are drying out after the rains from last night. Maybe now it’ll stay dry tonight.

No matter what, today is going to be great. At two we’ll watch Adrianne graduate and then tonight the house will fill with happy well-wishers.

Congratulations Adrianne!

This week I had a nice short visit in a very picturesque upstate New York. Going home the TSA placed seven screeners at the gate for our little commuter flight. For a moment it would appear that we had more screeners than passengers as we were all waiting for Continental flight #2109. To the screener who asked the burley guy wearing the Bermuda shorts and sandals to remove his sandals so that his bare feet and legs could be wanded, I would like to say, “thank you so much, I really did feel that my safety improved dramatically”.

The Concours of last week was wonderful. I saw it all, from my passion for vintage MGs to every imaginable vehicle made from very early through the 20s, the 30s and into the wonderful classics of the 50s, even some motorbikes. Thanks for the ticket Marcia.

Tomorrow, a very happy father’s day to all you dads, especially to those with senior status in that department, but even more so to those who are very new to this great challenge and new lifestyle – enjoy! Since I got my gift a week early I am celebrating by entertaining a group of 15 guests from overseas who flew in for meetings next week. I do believe that Marcia is happier this way – no fancy meals.

Have a great week.



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