Morning all:

Ok, who out there is aware that it’s only five weeks till Labor Day? Waking up yesterday that was the first thing I heard on the radio – Marcia’s favorite, the “Truck’n Booger” show. Who needs it? It’s been a hard week, but the recovery from a heavily packed vacation weekend after a busy week is well underway. Here are some pictures of what we did and saw. The Forest Canopy ride as well as a wonderful day on deserted Tortuga Island complete with our new friend – a young wild pig. Also, from our bus a 3-foot Sloth, later a Toucan, our very own native dancers, and a colony of Man O’War birds with their 7’ to 12’ wingspans, plus the queen of the Hot Springs – “ow, are you sure this is only 104 degrees?”. And finally Marcia’s georgeos photo of the Paos volcano.

The departure from CR on Sunday had a bit of a strain. Too much travel and way too casual an attitude about properly dealing with my itinerary was the problem. When I looked I saw a time of 9:35 and this now set everything in motion. Based on that tiny little piece of information I had Marcia get up early (always a struggle), finish packing, shower, breakfast at 6:30 and onto the hotel shuttle for the airport. Once the shuttle van was out of sight we very quickly discovered that 9:35 was our scheduled PM departure time out of Atlanta. Our flight was not departing till 2:00PM and with the Delta counter not even opening till 11:00 it was a bit of a wait. Once inside San Jose airport we discovered that there were only 2 small stores and a Burger King counter. Even though Marcia and I had adjacent seats on the flight home, it was a very quiet time – I got an awful lot of reading done and Marcia did accomplish a whole bunch on her crochet project. Even giving her my upgraded business class seat on the final leg did not do much to soothe the savage….. you married guys know how these scenarios go.

Marcia has a wonderful new pair of big rubber boots, and has she used them! Every day, for the whole week, she has been spotted stomping around our muck fields weeding. By Thursday’s “Yard Waste” pickup she had ten containers chock full. In one week, travels from Rain Forest to a new Weed Forest located on Red Bud Ave – amazing. I do think that it’s finally under control. Tomorrow she’ll be at our friend’s home for a Book Club meeting where another neighbor, the author, will present and discuss her book – Marika. If you have young folk still at home I would urge you to have them run to the Library and pick up a copy. Are you reading this Art & Jolene and Dave & Jeanne? Can’t you just tell that normalcy has returned. Now, before the work part of Saturday kicks in – bring on more coffee.

Have a great week,



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