Morning all:

Yes, it’s still from San Jose, CR. One very busy week here and now Marcia is relaxed and doing great and I am fighting a cold. I guess that what happens when candles burn at either end. We just got back from a day of playing tourist. Twelve hours of travel to the active Arinal volcano where we saw nothing due to a solid cloudbank. What we were supposed to see was a lava flow and rocks spitting out from the top. So instead we sat in the hot springs that are fed by the volcano and then cooled to 104 degrees. Marcia insisted that I hang on a little cable and ride through the rain forest canopy. It was a blast. I had never rappelled before and at some point had a five story vertical rappel – amazing. Although I have to confess, it’s a little awkward stepping backwards off a platform with your right hand in the small of your back holding a bit of rope.

I am actually in a fog since I just woke up from two hours of sleep on the bus. But, with a 5:45 wakeup call so that we can race from here to spend the day on Tortuga Island it would leave little time to write anything in the morning.

From Kirstin and Vince we hear that they (including little Derek) are having a great time with Derek’s abuelito. It also sounds like Vince and his dad have almost rebuilt their home. Just got a really neat note from Adrianne saying that all is well and that she is fully cranked up in her internship program at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital. I would be able to tell you more about what she is doing; it is just that I don’t understand – what exactly does one do in a Neurofibromatosis Clinic? From Cathy, Jason, and Marin we’ll hear more Sunday evening after we get home.

Have a super week.



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