Morning all:

Marcia and I have had a whirlwind week. Of course the big blow-out event “literally” was the birth of our wonderful new grandson – Marin. During this whole period I got to watch their dog Pegasie. We get along great, I just have to remember to back off everytime he growls, and keep my hands away from his mouth.

Yesterday was an early rise and uneventful shot into Costa Rica for meetings, Trade Show, and a bit of a talk on my part. Of course prior to leaving I once again dutifully listened to the folks from Accuweather who were reporting 99 to 103 degree weather. Therefore I brought NO jacket and NO longsleeved anything. This morning (6:00 AM) it is downright cold. So nothing like a great cup of fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee to warm both the body and the soul.

Since connecting is a bit more of a pain that I had hoped for I will just make brother Pieter´s Happy Birthday greeting part of the blog – approaching that next big 0 event at super speed aren´t you? Later today we´ll move over to the Marriott and maybe it´ll be easier to get on line.

With that, have a super week.



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