Good morning all:

Already Saturday number two in Canada – and sadly tomorrow it’s heading home time. Now it is morning coffee time – already cup number two, I have managed to get in a morning three mile hike with Dave Mathews Band cranked up on the MP3, and finally a little writing with everyone else chattering away over their morning coffee on the cabin deck. If you think that this will be a lengthy post you’re crazy since that is not what I’m here for. However, what absolutely has to be stated is – THANKS FOR THE HOSPITALITY PAUL & DIA!

The front deck of the cabin has been a feast for enjoying nature. A daily fly-by of both some Loons and Merganser ducks, last night a Beaver swam by the dock, and my morning walks would not be complete without seeing some American Goldfinches. Our youngest member at the cabin even collected a prized and very spectacular Luna Moth.

Talk about our youngest member – at the spectacular age of seven. I have discovered that this is a brilliant age and a bit of a precursor to what Marcia and I are in for now that grand parenting is becoming a major part of our lives. I had completely forgotten that at the ripe old age of seven kids seemingly know everything about everything, they have an answer to about absolutely everything, and have an infinite reserve of energy. On top of all of that their talk is incessant – from dawn to dusk!

Last night was a perfect sunset throwing brilliant oranges over the nearby cliff. Then at 10:30 the camp next door had a 4th fireworks display. Some of our gang stood on the dock to watch the display and found that it was complete with a massive fly-by from members of the Canadian air force – clouds of Mosquitoes.

Now first some breakfast, then “let the day begin!”



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