Woke up this morning…and? Mmmmmh, right, finally just one great cup of coffee. Marcia is visiting V&K;&D; in Orlando so things are a bit different around here. Since I was by myself I first tried brewing small batches (being the frugal Hollander I am). Result? Weak dishwatery looking stuff. Then I started skipping it altogether and just grabbing some at work – it worked, but I just started that yesterday. So even though it was a solid solution it only applied for one day. This morning. You guessed it, one full pot brewed to perfection.

The “Woke up this morning…” line might make you think that I am in a Blues mood for that is how most Blues songs do start. Wrong. See, for the Blues you need something nasty or have no choice. Something like “You stuck in a ditch, you stuck in a ditch…ain’t no way out.”. But since I am off to run errands I can’t have the Blues, and it’s impossible to have the Blues in a shopping center. The lighting is all wrong. I’d have to go outside and sit by the garbage dumpster or something. So it’s off for some exercise then to pick up laundry, get a haircut, heck, I might even start rummaging for a pair of zip-leg pants with lots of pockets. Actually all this is preparation for tonight’s very loud neighborhood party. Marcia and I got an invite. We got our heads together and discussed at length and concluded that it had to be a potentially very loud event, It’s a very old trick, invite all the old fogies then they won’t complain about the noise and; party on! Me tonight: “Yes Officer, I live right over there and was only here for a minute or two. Actually I only stopped over to kindly ask my very good neighbors to keep it a little less noisy. I am leaving right now Officer. Yes, thank you so much Officer, yes Sir, thank you.”

At this point I can hear the California readership saying “whatchu talkin’ ’bout”. Whoops, sorry, my bad, that line belongs to your next Governor, the ever-popular Gary Coleman of Diff’rent Strokes. “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout?” Good luck guys.

On the way home last night I needed to stop for some Sushi, this is since I am now an official bachelor for the week and am therefore cooking my own meals. It also happened to be the grand opening of this town’s very first Meijer store. Ok, put two and two together. Next thing I am fighting humungous crowds blocking the whole parking lot and once inside, every isle. The search was on. The place has about 30 checkout lanes to give you a bit of perspective. Not long into this adventure I happened to overhear a stultified looking young couple exclaim: “wow, we never saw this section last night.” At this I panicked, followed the trail of breadcrumbs I had carefully been dropping I managed to escape. Later that evening when I was talking with Marcia on the phone she casually asked, “and what did you have for supper?” A peanut butter sandwich, why?

Have a super week. Thankful that all went well in Florida. And, for everyone, feel free to place your name on the “Guestmap”.



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